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NEW RELEASE! HEMPLE 25% Xtreme Decathlon
By: SleepyC on 07-23-14
Hey everybody, the one and only Bill Hemple hit me up receintly to tell me about his new 25% Xtreme Decathlon! So any of you guys that have been jonesing for a Hemple Decathlon, but didn't have a Semi for the bigger ones, Bill now has you covered. Let's hear about the plane from Bill himself... The new Xtreme Decathlon is a redesigned 25% size model with a clipped wing. The wing span has been reduced from 100” to 92.2” to be “scale” with the new Xtreme full scale counterpart. There is no dihedral in the wings to reduce the roll coupling and improving the rolling capability. This new model also has FLAPS that can be also be used as inner ailerons for 3D roll rates! This new airplane also now includes a C/F main gear, C/F spinner and C/F tail wheel. A full hardware kit is included as well including the titanium pro-links and c/f pushrods, control arms, pull-pull for the rudder, and aluminum wheels. SPECS: Wing Span: 92.2” Stab Span: 31” Length: 66” (70” w/spinner) Height: 23” ...
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2014 King 50 Videos are up!
By: SleepyC on Mon-07-21-14

Hey guys, as always I wrestled with Youtube all day long and finally it looks like all fifteen of the 2014 King 50 flights are up online and ready to be viewed! Again congratulations to each and everyone of these pilots, they all worked really hard and all performed at an amazing level. I enjoyed every single flight. I cheered for awesomeness and I almost cried when some crashed. I seriously love watching all of this talent collect and give it their all! After the weekend, Big D and I are in talks...
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2014 King 50 Champs!
By: SleepyC on Sat-07-19-14

Alrighty! Another King 50 is in the books! And man what a year! The pilots keep getting better and better each year! I am so happy I was not a judge this year as the competition was very tight and picking a winner had to be a hard chore! We saw everything form heart break to glorious victory today. From deadline issues, and crashes to awesome spot on performances. It all went down. After the smoke cleared the following pilots stood on top. The top 5. 5th - Brandon Derr $150 (Also the Redwing...
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2014 MegaHuckfest - King 50 FRIDAY!
By: SleepyC on Fri-07-18-14

Hey guys, just got back from a pretty awesome day at the field. Got to see some insane flying from the two Kings, Mr. Joe Smith and Jase Dussia. With no contest to be worried about both of these guys are throwing down harder than I think I have ever seen them fly. Jase threw a beating on his Extreme Flight planes and Joe flew so many different 3DHS planes today, it was hard to keep track. But the flight pif the day by Mr. smith came late in the day when he put his 200cc 3DHS Extra threw it's paces...
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