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Hangar 9 Valiant 30cc ARF
By: FGNews on 08-28-14
Matt Gunn's product news: Here's a brand new design with classic lines from Hangar 9! The all-balsa and plywood Valiant is a 30cc giant scale high-wing aircraft that falls somewhere between the styling of a Stinson and a Cessna 180, and with a cowl resembling a Super Cub. The Valiant features a 108" wingspan and is ready for the Evolution 33GX gas engine or a similarly sized electric configuration such as the Eflite Power 160. Don't let the cross-country looks of this bird fool you; the Valiant was designed to be light enough to perform all the standard aerobatic maneuvers without needing the power and subsequent weight of a 50cc engine. Standard on the Valiant are flaps, fiberglass cowl, tinted lexan cockpit windows, and removable tail surfaces. Optional floats and tundra tires are also available. Valiant 30cc ARF by Hangar 9 - YouTube Specifications: Wingspan: 108.3 in (275 cm) Overall Length: 78.2 in (199 cm) Wing Area: 1663.0 sq. in. (107.3 sq. dm.) Flying Weight: 16.5 - 17.5 lb ( 7.48 - 7.94 kg) ...
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Southern Indiana/Louisville KY 3D Throw Down
By: Matt Gunn on Wed-08-27-14

The Ohio River View RC Flyers will be hosting their first 3D jam on August 30th from sunrise till sundown. With a beautiful 800x50 paved and grass runway, the team at ORVRCF will have plenty of room for any and all types of aircraft. I recently spoke...
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OMP Color Scheme Contest! OMP Yak 55 60" Airplane Giveaway!
By: Sukhoikid on Tue-08-26-14

Alright guys! OMP is needing a scheme for their Scheme B version of the new OMP Yak 55 60" airplane! You think you got a awesome scheme? Post it here for the OMP Yak 55! The new electric OMP Yak 55 60" will come in two schemes. Scheme A will be very...
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Warbirds Over Port Clinton 2014 - Wrap Up
By: Matt Gunn on Sun-08-24-14

I just got back from the 2014 Warbirds Over Port Clinton fly-in and burned through a few memory cards worth of photos and video in the process. This was the 2nd annual Warbirds fly-in at the Erie-Ottawa International Airport at Carl R. Keller Field in...
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2014 Chattanooga 3D Jam Event Coverage
By: Colton on Sun-08-24-14

3D Hobby Shop Southark Fly Low In
By: Jim T. Graham on Fri-08-22-14

North of the D.O.G.S. Fly In
By: Matt Gunn on Fri-08-22-14

Happening Now - The Black Hills Huckfest!
By: Matt Gunn on Thu-08-21-14

2014 Lodi Huckfest!!
By: FGNews on Thu-08-21-14

New 3DHS 75" Extra 330LT
By: FGNews on Thu-08-21-14

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