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Futaba 18MZ Firmware 2.4.1 Available
By: FGNews on 09-01-14
This in from Jason Cole: Hey guys, Futaba has released a new firmware version for the 18MZ with 6 new features!!! The new features are designed to improve performance and efficiency. Check out the list below. 1. Variometer melody ON/OFF switch function. You can turn off the vario tones if you don't want to hear them. 2. Extra voltage alert specifications change. This allows the voltage alarm to sound at 0V when the alarm voltage is set to 0V. 3. Telemetry data log function. Allows telemetry data to be logged on the SD card. 4. Altimeter display units change. You can select the vario data to read out in feet per minute and the pressure read out in inches of mercury. 5. Addition of S.BUS servo setting function. You can now select a servo type function to Normal, Retract, or Overload Protection Mode. 6. Robbe current sensor (F1678) function. The Robbe Current Sensor is now compatible with the 18MZ radio. If you own an 18MZ Click HERE to go to the Futaba Software Download Page.
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SOArk Fly Low In - Wrap Up Event Coverage
By: FGAshley on Sat-08-30-14

What an awesome weekend. I never get tired of these fly-ins. Even the threat of rain didn't have these guys running for cover. A huge thanks to Brian Hendricks and Josh Price for putting on and organizing such a fun event. Sometimes less frill is more...
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Magnolia, AR Fly Low In - Saturday Photo Update!
By: FGAshley on Sat-08-30-14

So, apparently Saturday is the day everyone shows up. If you opted for the one day pass, today was that day! Perfect overcast for the first half of the day. The nice breeze coming through makes you forget the 100% humidity ;) There are beautiful skies...
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Watch Out! I mean, Fly Low In - Magnolia, AR.
By: FGAshley on Fri-08-29-14

Duck! What? Fire! What an insane first day at the SoArk Huck-Fest/Fly-In. I haven't had to run for cover in a hot minute.. Keepin me on my toes. I miss the thrill.. that's why I'm back. What's living unless a 40% airplane is making a bee line towards...
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Hangar 9 Valiant 30cc ARF
By: FGNews on Thu-08-28-14

Southern Indiana/Louisville KY 3D Throw Down
By: Matt Gunn on Wed-08-27-14

OMP Color Scheme Contest! OMP Yak 55 60" Airplane Giveaway!
By: Sukhoikid on Tue-08-26-14

Warbirds Over Port Clinton 2014 - Wrap Up
By: Matt Gunn on Sun-08-24-14

2014 Chattanooga 3D Jam Event Coverage
By: Colton on Sun-08-24-14

3D Hobby Shop Southark Fly Low In
By: Jim T. Graham on Fri-08-22-14

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