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Unboxing the Team Edge 25% Piper Pawnee
By: Matt Gunn on 10-30-14 is coming at you with another Team Edge review! This time, we're featuring the new 25% PA-25 Piper Pawnee from Bill Hempel. Bill sells the Pawnee in two flavors: the 25% at 108" wingspan, and a 46% with a whopping 198" wing... yes, that's 16.5 feet! It's unfortunate that I don't have the real estate to house the monster 46%, so I begrudgingly settled on the pint-sized crop duster. Similar to the 25% Xtreme Decathlon, the Pawnee is one of the smallest in the Hempel fleet of giant-scale ARF's. By offering planes in this size range, Bill is able to satisfy pilots wanting the performance and quality found in the Team Edge models, but without the premium price tags of the bigger birds. The PA-25 is designed for a 30-50cc engine, and I chose a DLE 61 from Tower Hobbies. There's plenty of room in the cowl for the 61, and it's only a few millimeters bigger than the DLE 55 anyway. At this point I'm considering an Xoar 24x8 prop. In...
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Richardson RC Club "Gary Harvey Memorial Fun Fly"
By: MIMI MASON on Tue-10-28-14

The Richardson RC Club in Richardson, Tx held a fantastic Event on Sunday October 26th, 2014. Ed Kranz entertained Everyone. Tony Breyen and Stew Moore represented the AMA. It was a Charity Event Benefiting Wounded Warriors, Allen Community Outreach...
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Congrats Johnathan Jennings - First Place at the 2014 NOF Freestyle Challenge!
By: Jim T. Graham on Tue-10-28-14

Rocco from Aeroworks contacted me to share some great news: Aeroworks would like to congratulate Team Pilot Johnathan Jennings on becoming the Grand Champion at the 2014 NOF Freestyle Challenge Triple Fly In Series held at Monaville, TX. This three...
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HOW IV Wrap-up
By: Colton on Mon-10-27-14

Huck-O-Ween #4 Had to end sometime. :212: It's one of those events you wish could last forever like groundhog day or something.... But I suppose Rusty, Chason, their wives, and the rest of the Farm Crew would need a break sometime. You can never give...
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HOW IV Saturday
By: chumley on Sat-10-25-14

Friday HOW
By: chumley on Fri-10-24-14

HOW IV Thursday
By: chumley on Thu-10-23-14

The 25th Annual Festival Of Giants - FG will be there!
By: Matt Gunn on Thu-10-23-14

Flitework 86" Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-10-21-14

The "No Label Flying Circus" Giant Scale Event!
By: Jim T. Graham on Tue-10-21-14

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