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 87 3dhs extra 300shp maiden
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Limitless Aero Wants To Help You Get Ready For Nall!!
By: SleepyC on 04-15-14
Ok so you think you are ready for the 2014 Joe Nall. But are you REALLY? Do you have a spare plane? Do you have a back up, back up plane? Once you get into the environment of the 3D line at Joe Nall chances are you are going to push yourself just a tad bit more than you may be accustomed to! (within safety restrictions of course) And that may result in an early week retirement of an airplane or two. Our good buddy Kole from Limitless Aero understands this and wants to make sure you have all your options covered. So he is having a “Get ready for Joe Nall Sale” or as I like to call it, “Cover your Butt and be ready for Joe Nall sale!” So.. today through Sunday Limitless Aero is offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL IN STOCK ARF’s! That can save you Hundreds! He also has some smoking deals on the ever popular GP engines! GP-61 - $399.99! (includes side dump muffler!) and FREE SHIPPING! GP-123V2 - $799.99 (includes mufflers!) and FREE SHIPPING! Or if you want the total package Limitless is offering: 30% YAK 55m +GP61 ONLY $899.99...
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The 2014 Outdoor Season Has Arrived!
By: SleepyC on Mon-04-14-14

OK, for those of us in the Northern states, this past winter was AWFUL. And we may still may get a few weekends of nasty weather, but for the most part the 2014 outdoor season has started. This past weekend in Americas, Georgia SEFF took place and from the reports it was the nicest weather SEFF has seen ever. To check out our sister sites coverage of SEFF just click HERE! In a few weeks the big daddy of fly-in’s takes place. The 2014 Joe Nall! From May 9th - 17th the FG masses and hundreds...
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The Official Podcast #4 Live from the 2014 Toledo Show!
By: SleepyC on Fri-04-11-14

Ok guys here we go!! The 4th addition of the podcast! This time it’s live from the 2014 Toledo Show! I walked the floor and cornered 6 victims... errr.... friends to talk to. So here we go! Podcast #4 This time I speak with: Rocco from Aeroworks about the new 60cc and 120cc Freestyle 260’s and new pricing! Andrew Jesky from AJ Aircraft. We talk about his new company, new AJ Laser 230’s and the future of AJ Aircraft! Tony Russo from Desert Aircraft....
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Toledo Show Cool Product: Aeroworks 120cc/60cc Freestyle Extra 260 QBL
By: SleepyC on Thu-04-10-14

Hey guys, another cool product release at the 2014 Toledo show was Aeroworks’ new 60cc and 120cc Freestyle Extra 260 QBLs! Rocco took all the best parts of the awesome flying 30cc Freestyle QBL and added even more awesome to the mix. The planes are HUGE and light and should be the perfect compliment to your favorite 60 - 70cc and 100-120cc engines. Rocco added newly designed SFG’s, mid wing SFG’s and even Stab SFG’s which he said allows you to do some really cool maneuvers....
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