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Mark Leseberg Update - MAD Aerobatics is Born!
By: Jim T. Graham on 08-19-14
I was talking to Mr. Mark Leseberg a while back and he was excited about a new project he was working on. I have known Mark for many years and he has proven time and time again that when he decides to do something he does it right! Mark has worked with talented pilots like Jeff Boerboon, Patty Wagstaff, Earl Leseberg, Renaud Ecalle, QuiQue Somenzini, Craig Fordem, and Steve Fossett. Mark has had six U.S. National Unlimited/Freestyle titles and 8 TAS World Invitational/Freestyle championships in RC IMAC precision aerobatics. Let's hear about what Mark has been up to in his own words: There are a few things in life that you remember and will never forget. The birth of a child, the day you get married (or divorced) and your first torque roll. And then, the day you write a check for your Dream! Since I was 15 years old and took my first flight with Patty Wagstaff, in Bill Bennet’s Extra 300L, I knew that this would be my dream and my dream machine. Last year, after 10 years with Avantair flying the Piaggio, we shut down. Two months...
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It's a Wrap! The 2014 Tennessee Fly-Low-In
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-08-19-14

House Mountain Radio Controlled Club just wrapped up their second annual Tennessee Fly-Low In, welcoming everyone from foamie flyers to giant scale hucksters, and everything in between. However, judging by the slew of great photos by FG member Saint...
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FlyingGiants 10 Questions - Brother Bob Sadler
By: Jim T. Graham on Sun-08-17-14

This week we talk to the "Mouth of the South", Mr. Bob Sadler. You might know Bob as the MC of Joe Nall, but there is a lot more to Bob than that. In this edition of "FlyingGiants 10 Questions" we learn his RC history. 1. How were you introduced to...
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Win a Bavarian Demon Cortex!
By: Jim T. Graham on Fri-08-15-14

A few years ago I was hanging out with the 3DHS team having a late night meeting on the flight line. Ben brought up gyros and how they would play a big part in the future of 3D and RC in general. I was lucky enough to recently review the Bavarian Demon...
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The 2014 Eagle Squadron Huck Low!
By: Matt Gunn on Wed-08-13-14

Youth Masters 2014 Update!
By: Jim T. Graham on Tue-08-12-14

Official Response to the Recent FAA Memo
By: FGNews on Sun-08-10-14

Go Solar: Adding 200w of DC Power to Your Trailer
By: Matt Gunn on Fri-08-08-14

The FG Monthly Photo Contest is Back!!
By: Jim T. Graham on Thu-08-07-14

10 Questions for Bill Hempel
By: Jim T. Graham on Tue-08-05-14

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