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Carbon Z Cub Upgrade - Castle Talon 90 and E-flite Power 60
By: Jim T. Graham on 12-17-14
Carbon Z Cub Hop-up Part 1 - Motor and ESC Over the summer Jason Cole and I both purchased Carbon Z Cubs at about the same time. In part one of our hop-up series I go over the motor, ESC, prop and more! Enjoy!! Check out our video that shows the CZC flying off the water, hovering and more. FlyingGiants Carbon Z Cub Mods and Flying - YouTube Take your Carbon Z Cub from great to awesome! The stock power system on the Carbon Z Cub is good but if you want to do some hovering with power to pull out you are going to need to upgrade the power system. Some CZC owners will upgrade the speed controller to a Talon 90 and stop there. For the ultimate power upgrade you need to also get the E-flite Power 60 470KV motor. This will also allow you to spin a bigger prop and we all know that more thrust is better! Castle Creations Talon 90 The Talon 90's BEC can give you 20 amps of peak power and 9 amps of continuous power to run your servos and reciever....
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The 2014 Flying Giants Vendor Award Winner - Extreme Flight RC
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-12-16-14

It's with great honor that we announce the winner of the first annual Flying Giants Vendor Award. This vendor was nominated by you, our valued Flying Giants members, and while every vendor nominated shows an exceptional level of customer service and...
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E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub - FlyingGiants Review
By: Matt Gunn on Mon-12-15-14

The Carbon-Z Cub has developed a bit of a cult following due in part to it's easy-to-fly nature, great looks, and top-notch performance characteristics. With or without floats, it's a blast to fly and can quickly become your go-to aircraft. RCGroups reviewer...
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Tech Tip - Hold your Bolts!
By: Matt Gunn on Fri-12-12-14

While pondering to the age-old problem of losing fasteners at the field, I came up with a quick and easy solution, and I wanted to share it with all of you. But first, let me explain the problem at hand: Most high-wing gassers have struts that bolt to...
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Chief Aircraft - Daily Sales Until 12/17!
By: Jim T. Graham on Thu-12-11-14

Flight Model 75" MXS-R from JB Hobbies - Initial Impressions
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-12-09-14

The AeroWorks Holiday Sale!
By: Jim T. Graham on Tue-12-09-14

Going Green! New Colors for the Pilot RC Decathlon
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-12-09-14

Keep On Flying! Trans Mitt Hand Warmer Bags
By: Matt Gunn on Mon-12-08-14

Gateway RC's 11th Annual Fly For Tots
By: FGAshley on Sat-12-06-14

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