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Flitework 86" Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter
By: Matt Gunn on 10-21-14
Let's make a slight departure from our standard 3D and big gas news reports and take a look at this gorgeous Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter from Flitework. It's been around for a few years in Europe, and I'm happy to report that Tower Hobbies has recently started selling the entire Flitework lineup. You better be a fan of energy drinks if you want to sport any of these Austrian-built aircraft in your hangar, cause every one of them is decked out in Red Bull livery! The Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter comes in at 86.5" wingspan and has a takeoff weight around 11 lbs. She comes with flaps, functional sprung landing gear, and a sailplane tow point. FLitework recommends a 6s 5000mAh LiPo, 100 amp esc, and a 5065/09 or similarly sized brushless motor. For scale looks, a APC 15.5 x 12 4-blade should be used. CLICK HERE for more info on the Flitework Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter
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The "No Label Flying Circus" Giant Scale Event!
By: Jim T. Graham on Tue-10-21-14

Welcome to the fist RC event coupled with a beer tasting! While drinking and flying isn't allowed, you can have a good time at this event doing one or the other! FG is excited to report we will have event coverage so stay tuned! We were in touch with...
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SpookFest Saturday Coverage
By: andy5508 on Sun-10-19-14

It is Saturday and SpookFest is in full swing! Temps in the 40s and gusty winds couldn’t stop the action, as newcomer pilots continued to stream into Galion for another day of fun with the Eagle Squadron crew. Total pilot count is at 85 and climbing,...
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Memphis Prop Busters EAC Giant Scale 3-D Fun Fly - Event Coverage!!
By: Jim T. Graham on Sat-10-18-14

Jason Cole and I made the trip to Memphis to enjoy the big birds, old school 3D, great weather and friendly folks at the Prop Busters field. It was was great to see some of our friends from the early days of 3D and meet new ones. Thanks to Jack Estes...
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Happening Now! 2014 Eagle Squadron SpookFest
By: Matt Gunn on Fri-10-17-14

Halloween Contest! Enter to Win the Great Planes Citabria!
By: Jim T. Graham on Thu-10-16-14

Aeroplus Edge 540 V3 from Limitless Aero
By: Matt Gunn on Wed-10-15-14

New Aircraft Alert! Hempel 50% Pitts Challenger
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-10-14-14

FG Exclusive - Quique Somenzini, David Ribbe and Dan Asher - Flex Innovations
By: Jim T. Graham on Mon-10-13-14

Apache Pass Photo Coverage!
By: Jim T. Graham on Sun-10-12-14

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