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eFest 2015 Coverage - Saturday
By: Matt Gunn on 01-25-15
Saturday at eFest was full-on action all day long, and the party raged until after 8pm with demos from team pilots, the Gauntlet, scale flying competition, and Black Out night flying. Frank Noll and the Hobbico team put on one heck of a show and did a great job keeping the crowds entertained with quad racing, the balloon pop contest, and handing out plenty of Hobbico swag to the crowds in the bleachers. There were plenty of great 3D pilots slapping the foam around such as Joe Smith, RJ Gritter, Devin McGrath, Ben Batts, and Jase Dussia just to name a few. Tim and the Redwing RC crew were on hand as well and added to the quite lively and packed 3D line. If you get a chance to make it to Champaign, Illinois for next year's eFest, I highly suggest you get here. There's so much to do and see inside the Armory, and the collective flying talent on the 3D line is nothing short of amazing. Below are some photos from Saturday. We have plenty more coming!
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Arizona Electric Festival 2015 - Event Coverage!!
By: Jim T. Graham on Sat-01-24-15

FG was on hand to grab some photo coverage of the Arizona Electric Festival 2015 this weekend! Arizona Model Aviators host the2015 Arizona Electric Festival January 22nd thru 25th, 2015 AMA Sanction #137 Superstition Airpark Usery Park near Mesa & Apache...
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eFest 2015 Coverage - Friday
By: Matt Gunn on Fri-01-23-15

Hey guys, I just arrived at the Armory a day before the official start of eFest 2015 and took some photos of the practically empty floor space (and airspace). Aside from the lack of pilots and attendees, the vendors and sponsors were busy setting up in...
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2015 Event Coverage
By: Matt Gunn on Thu-01-22-15

We're gearing up for the 2015 season, and this year it's gonna be a full court press by team FG! You can expect lots of video, photos, interviews, and all the news to keep up to date on happenings in our giant scale world. We've updated the FG Event...
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See you at eFest!
By: Matt Gunn on Tue-01-20-15

Judging School JAX Day Two
By: FGAshley on Sun-01-18-15

FG Attends the 2015 National IMAC Judging School (JAX, Fl.)
By: FGAshley on Sat-01-17-15

New Schemes. New Prototype. Pilot RC
By: Matt Gunn on Thu-01-15-15

First Look! Redwing Yak 55 50cc
By: Matt Gunn on Wed-01-14-15

JR 28X - Do we finally have a date?
By: Matt Gunn on Wed-01-14-15

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