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Fly Model Thunderbird (Wayne Handley Raven)

Got the kit in. Everything looks well built.
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I really like to found in Miami area some body with good acknowledge working faberglass or composite to finish good project.

Any leads will be great help.

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Guys here is another short tech tip!! on how to mount a receiver hassle free.

Scott B

RCTEK Episode #4 (Receiver Mounting Tip) - YouTube

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Enjoyed hanging out with the fine folk at the Thunderbirds flying field in the Fort Worth area today! Traveling the country as a corporate pilot has afforded me the privilege to meet many neat people along the way
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Hey guys ! , look , yes , I am big fan of XQ-power ! , I got no money from them though , I have to say the servos I got and service I got , pretty cool
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Here is your Valentine's Day Sweet Treats:
  • Enjoy up to 50% off batteries.
  • Share facebook post to win 5 x 220mah 45C 1S batteries!! 3 winners in total. Winners will be announced on 17th.
All you need is Love...and some Gens Tattu juices. Ends on 15th. http://www.genstattu.com/valentinesday.html
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Hi. I Am new to flyinggiants. Can anyone tell me if graphtec rc is still in buisness. I have emailed them a few times and get no response. Can't seem to find a number either.:
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86g RTF excluding battery. I'm happy with that !

(Just thinking - thats 1065.75 lbs lighter than the last aeroplane I built )



Only finished Sunday so yet to test fly - hopefully next Tuesday evening !
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Hi Guys here , What's your favorite servo brand ?
Have somebody used XQ-S4025D ? Well,
I heard about some well known brand , futaba , savox ...
As good as you think ? share you model with me ,thank you .
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Repairing a plane for a friend.....converting from and electric to a DLE35.
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Out of all of the airplanes out there, 2 stand out as being my favorite. The first of which is the Slick, I have 3 of them in my hangar, all Aerobeez- a 48", a 70", and a 91" 70CC. The second of which, and certainly not any lesser, is the Edge 540. I've had a couple of Edge foamies through the years but never anything built up, let alone gas.

So here goes. Nothing over the top fancy, but it's not going to be an entirely stock build either. This is the particular scheme I have.

Now I've actually had this airplane since mid 2015 and decided I no longer want to wait to put it together, out came the credit card!!!

Last night I started with dripping some thin CA onto the outside of the phenolic tubes in both the wings and the elevators to make sure they are locked in place. I also dripped thin CA around the anti-rotation pins and servo pockets. Hitec HSB-9380TH servos were the servo of choice for this airplane for me so I dropped 2 into the left wing panel.

Of course it never dawned on me that I didn't have harnesses or aluminum horns for the servos until after I mounted the servos in place so that is where I stopped for the night.
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Cool mashup video made by a good friend of mine, go check out his channel! Enjoy the video

Indoor Fun with Twisted Hobbys planes - YouTube

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While I'm waiting on the new Hangar 9 Ultra Stick to release, I decided to go ahead and gather a few things to make the wait a little more bearable.

First, pre-order the plane... $299

Motor... I had already ordered a DLE 35RA before the plane was announced. Tower had it on sale, $30 off and a club savings of $45...$275

Servo's... Been wanting to try the Tactic X57's for a while now, I've had good luck with Tactic's standard servos and they seem to have some nice specs for the price http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...&I=LXDKEP&P=SM ordered 6 (still haven't decided how I want to setup the rudder so I'll wait on that....$170

Now for a little bling... Because I hate using Phillips head screws (and like the way they look) I ordered these http://www.espritmodel.com/servo-hor...set-m3-10.aspx Tried to find the green ones elsewhere (because ...) but they did ship same day. $9

Spinner...Looking over the manual, it looks like the ARF doesn't include a spinner. I'm not a fan of the chrome/aluminum or bland/black CF spinners I set out to find something different that'll fit the Stick. Found one I think will fit the bill at SDS Hobbyhttp://sdshobbyusa.net/index.php?mai...oducts_id=3572 I've never ordered from SDS, but the spinner shipped same day (Monday) and tracking shows it on it's way from Florida. USPS really stinks in my town so they're holding the order up (supposed to have arrived 2 days ago) but not really shippers fault....$30

Loom... http://www.ebay.com/itm/141743771843...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT $7

Cheap wing bags, I can't see spending $50-$75 on wing bags when these do the trick http://www.ebay.com/itm/161885190951...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I got the 50 cc bags because I wasn't sure if the 81" wings would fit in the 30 cc bags. They're straight ghetto,but work $27

Prop http://www.redwingrc.com/Painted-Red...White-and-Red/ I'm thinking the white prop with the green spinner will look good on the nose. I use a larger black/red prop on another plane and really like the way it pulls. 20x6 wasn't in stock so I went with a 19" $20

Servo arms https://www.redwingrc.com/Spot-On-1.75-Servo-Arm/ I used the Spot-on's on another build and really like them (make sure they're v'2, the v1's had issues) The color shouldn't really matter because the Stick has hidden hatches. I went with 1.75 because they have 3 holes (1.75, 1.5 and 1.25) and I can dial the travel down if necessary 6 for $70

OK, that's what I have coming so far, now for the things I'm looking at.ordering in the next month or 2.

Switch... I was looking at getting this from Booma http://www.boomarc.com/en/wallaby-sw...age-monitoring I use one now on another plane and really like it. Looking over the site though, I don't see an option to choose your own connector (like you used to be able to). Booma's supposed to be opening a place in the states soon, so I'll wait and see on a switch. I might move up to the Intelliswitch.or see what they have at Joe Noll.

Now things get complicated... Having just upgraded from a DX7 to a DX8, I'm definitely not wanting to have to upgrade again but I do want to make full use of the Ultra's quad flap/aileron and crow set-up. I need to figure out,, either through hardware or clever programming, a way to control the all the control surfaces and still have an ignition kill. I was also thinking of running an Aura 8 but if it eats another channel, I'll skip the gyro.

For receivers, I've been all over the place. Initially I was going to go with an AR7700 hooked to the Aura 8 through an SRXL cable with a RCCSKJ powerboard handling the electrical power but I'm limited by the 8 channels again. I was looking at the new powersafe receivers http://www.horizonhobby.com/product/...er-spmar12300t
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This Review is for who want to buy lipos (due to out of them) or want to try out new lipos. I know most of guys update to these beast.
Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 95C 4S1P lipo battery pack.
What is R-Line? R-Line is a brand new product line specifically designed for professional FPV racing competitions. It's the selling version of Toppilot batteries. They are more powerful than other graphene batteries. As We All Know Tattu is Known For Their higher capacity, lower internal resistance and lower Operation temperatures. It is Same As Tattu Top-Pilot Lipo. Its In first Stage Version 1.0 Which Performs Very Well. In the future different versions will also be rolled out to meet the needs of different FPV racing competitions.

Specs (Source http://www.genstattu.com)

Brand - Tattu
Capacity(mAh) - 1300
Voltage(V) - 14.8
Discharge Rate (C) - 95
Max Burst discharge Rate (C) - 190
Configuration - 4S1P
Net Weight(20g) - 172.6
Length(5mm) - 72
Width(2mm) - 36
Height(2mm) - 32
Connector Type - XT-60
Wire Gauge - AWG12#
Wire Length(mm) - 65
Balancer Connector Type - JST-XHR
At http://www.genstattu.com They are confirming that they are Top Pilot packs, and They are confirming that they are Graphene packs, Which Mean It can Handle More Than 500 cycles(when properly use with care.) so I know we're already in for a treat with their performance.
I like 12Awg grade wire for some serious amp draws. The Lenght Of Cable is not too short and not too Long. It can be easily useable On 200-240 class quads. It also Comes With Balance connector (protector) which is good to use to save balance lead from props and easily asseable When charging Them. Weight is About 182 (for 1550mah) I honestly use this lipo For race Weight to power ratio is like 180grms of lipo on beast setup.

I don't have ant Testing Equipment But i have other lipos like bonka, turnigy etc To Compare With I Gernally Fly them on a course and checking for battery sag, Internal Resistance,Build Quality.
Build Quality- As the Tattu is Known For good quality lipos they Directly reflects when You feel then In hand.
Checkig Sag & Overall Performance-I Fly Them around 13-15 cycles each last week. during heat i droped cells to 2.9-3.0v.After 1hr when i Reached Home I Charged Them I was Surprised To see no puff . They are True 1550MAh.This means that the 1550mAh genuinely gives you around 1550mAh if you leave around 20% in the pack as you should.They are Cold when They Land.
Internal Resistance-Comparing Them to Other Lipos They Are Very Minimal IR. I got 2-3ohms in Each cell in R-LINE & Got 3-6ohms per cell In Bonka. The Same Charger Was Used to ensure the results were kept fair.

They are a little heavy Compared to 1500mah Lipos (of course Coz its 1550mah), but provide solid and constant power throughout the pack but the fact the power is still there after 30 seconds Of Serious PunchOuts Thats Why it doesn't matter. Because of the extra capacity I was expecting them to perform not so good, but I am amazed to say I think they performed better. I had pulled on them in my 2:30 to 3 minute flights.From My First Cycle To Last Cycle They performed same which is incredible.. Now i know the Hype. I Will Definatly Use them In Race..
The Article Source From To: http://intofpv.com/t-gensace-tattu-r...-racing-drones