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I have a Pilot Yak 54 powered by a DLE 30. Because the wings are extremely thin she really doesn't slow down as much as I'd like on final. I've been thinking of programing my Spektrum radio so the flap switch will drop the ailerons 25% while raising the elevators up 5%. A few fellow members of our club cautioned me not to do this as the plane will tend to tip stall if the speed drops too much. Instead they recommend having the ailerons travel up by about an 1/8 of an inch in flap mode.
Does anybody have any first hand knowledge which way will work best to slow my plane down without adding the possibility of getting into a tip stall.
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Extra 35% Aeroworks,
Engine: DLE 120
Props: JC. SUPER PROPS 28x10S

Júlio César 5º Lugar - Circuito Giant Limeira...

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Got a new 3DHS 74" Edge, she's coming together nicely!!!
Posted by pittsartist | 06-26-2015 @ 04:39 AM | 2,133 Views
Screen shot lifted from some film I took last winter, I only noticed the optical illusion yesterday.

Quite dramatic methinks ;-)

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Can anyone tell me how to put a ad on this Flying Giants site and post a picture for my ad too?
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The other day I was flying my 55cc EG Aircraft MXS-R and after a Crankshaft, my canopy blew off and landed in the field out past the runway where I fly at. The canopy stayed screwed in, but ripped off and all that was left were the two tabs to screw into. The field it landed in is over 7 feet tall and is full of Stinging Nettles and Poison Oak. I searched forever to find it and never was able to. EG Aircraft no longer makes this plane or replacement canopies for it, so now I am in need of a new one. Does anybody happen to have any extras or any ideas of where to get one?
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Just maidened my TOC 35% Yak54. Excellent flyer, with 3w100, JR 8711 servos.
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Here is my latest FPV plane. I picked it up for $10 at the Perry Swap Meet.
I am elated at how good it does... I feel like I am flying around in a Cessna Bird Dog
Turd dog Video - YouTube

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Has anyone used this website, It looks a bit strange and the pricing is great, maybe to good. It also doesnt have paypal or credit card . http://www.xincuabour.com and now when you click on it it changes to this http://kaxunhucr.com
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After following the recommendations of a few Flying giants users, I got my DLE 55 all tunes up and the plane in the air. What a rush! I have a few planes in the 10-15cc range but nothing this big. It's loud, fast, and flies great! Thanks to those who helped me with my engine questions and I'll post a video and some pics soon.
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Just finished my Hanger 9 Extra 300 with 3w120. Awesome combination. This ARF is one of the easiest and best equipped ARF's I have ever built. I stuffed JR 8711 servos throughout, Spektrum AR12120 powersafe rx and a pair of LIFEPO4 3600mah batteries. TECHAero IBEC for ignition. I felt the contrast between the silver/white trim was weak, so I used 1/4 pro trim tape to outline. Added some custom graphics, repainted wheel pants and trimmed. Here is some shots.
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Aurora RC the Leader in super bright LED wing lights, introduces 3 new kits at the Joe Nall. See their website for further details and all their other kits- www.aurorarc.com
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Just for fun, here is some picture from me and my flying buddies. All photos are taken in Vesteraalen of me and my buddies. We have great fun all year round, also in the winter in temperatures below -10/15 celsius.
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Flying in the powder snow is always special. You can practically set your plane anywhere, so this is the perfect time for training on the stuff you normally are to scared to try.
This little stunt on a frosen lake was done three years ago, but still fun to watch :-)
E d muuulig - YouTube

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An event of epic proportions as usual. Such a time and place as cannot be duplicated. Triple Tree is the best place one could hope to fly. Thanks to everyone we got together with again this year. Thanks for sharing and helping and making the event so fum. The memories will last a lifetime. My documentary includes all fun and no comment because there's not much you can say that would do it justice...


Joe Nall 2015 v1 - YouTube