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Discussion / Posted by George2106 / 10-22-2014 @ 05:10 PM / 192 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Well I almost had the exhaust problem solved. I had an adapter plate made that gave extra clearance between the throttle push rod and the motor mount. After bolting every thing up I found out the exhaust pipes were too close to the nose wheel pant and would require a large cut out in the bottom of the cowl.

I decided to have a muffler made with the exhaust exiting at 70 degrees from center. I am trying to set up the exhaust to exit the model like the full size plane. I hope this works out.
Extreme Decathlon 25%
Discussion / Posted by Retes Flying / 10-21-2014 @ 04:34 PM / 452 Views / 1 Comments / Reply
I want to buy this model very soon, expect a special offer seasonal Halloween deTeam Bill Hempel Edge
Time Flys 2014 - an Aviating year in 4 minutes
Discussion / Posted by pittsartist / 10-21-2014 @ 02:52 PM / 455 Views / 1 Comments / Reply

Here's my 2014 "yearbook" in film and photos. Please press "play" and I do hope you like it
4 Attachment(s) All finished up
Yippee! / Posted by Kendalldad / 10-21-2014 @ 02:33 PM / 477 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Very excited to maiden this new plane
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Name:	10394779_10205398524029538_5823098651363391307_n.jpg
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Name:	1939454_10205398526669604_66265357214980055_n.jpg
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Name:	10659419_10205398532349746_537129912899284291_n.jpg
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350 Blade QX2 AP Combo
Download / Posted by WHobbies / 10-21-2014 @ 11:00 AM / 417 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Check out the new 350qx 2 AP Combo flying around whobbies. Check us out for all your hobby needs. Connect with us on MIP TAGS. check us out on Facebook, and our Youtube page. Like and Subscribe!!
PAU 100cc Extra 300sp
Discussion / Posted by 3Dbandit / 10-19-2014 @ 08:23 PM / 801 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
6 Attachment(s) DLE 60 Twin Failures
Discussion / Posted by dbarnard79 / 10-16-2014 @ 12:30 PM / 3,801 Views / 30 Comments ( Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ) / Reply
I purchased an Aerobeez Sbach 342 30%. Using Hitec 5645 MG for all control surfaces, standard Hitec MG for throttle. Spektrum satellite receiver. LiFe 6.0 v battery for receiver and servos, LiPo battery for ignition on engine, Optical kill switch, with DLE 60 twin engine to limit vibrations and for the extra power.

First DLE engine was broke in on the plane, ran for a full two hours using 91 octane 100% gasoline mixed with Penzoil air cooled 2 stroke oil at 30:1. First flight was learning the low speed attitude of the plane when engine stopped running and was luckily able to bring the plane in with minimal damage to anything.

Removed motor and returned to LHS. They sent it in and after two and a half weeks called me stating that they had a replacement.

After opening the box did a visual inspection of the motor and found significant pitting in one of the cylinder's wall. Called Great Planes and asked if that was common or if it would pose an issue. They replied that sometimes there is pitting and that as long as the motor is broken in properly it would not be an issue. Still having uncertainty I call my LHS and spoke with their motor guy and he also stated that pitting is found and that as long as the motor is broken in properly it would not be an issue.

Istalled the motor and once again ran it on the ground for two hours with 91 octane 100% gasoline mixed 30:1 with penzoil air cooled 2 stroke oil. While breaking the motor in I did notice that the cylinder with pitting in it had higher temperature readings than its counterpart. At one point I did get a reading of 280 and immediately throttled it down to idle then killed the motor. Rotated the engine so that the pistons were at bottom dead center while it cooled. Once it was to ambient air temperature started the motor again and kept a very close eye on the temps. That cylinder ran at about 20-30 degrees higher than its counterpart but did not get a reading over 240 and towards the end of the break in process was getting readings of 210-220.

During the break in i did not get any abnormal RPM readings nor did they fluctuate while running. Two days after break in I finally had a clear and very calm day to try the motors maiden voyage. Took off without incident, flew numerous passes trimming the airplane for level flight at 30% throttle, tested the engine's transition from idle to high speed numerous times. Did a couple idle passes to see how the plane would react to landing approach. On the final idle pass over the landing strip as the plane was flying away from me 30' off the ground the motor seized up.

Attempted to turn the plane and salvage as much altitude as possible but at the end of the turn the plane finally stalled. Managed to bring it to withing 20 yards of the landing strip but did not make it back. Went down in a recently plowed field tearing landing gear off and ripping most of the under side of the plane out.

Now I am left dealing with a damaged plane, pile of scrap metal motor, and the final fun fly of the season two days away. Yes I have other's to fly but the Sbach is 87" wingspan and the was the crown jewel of my collection to enjoy flying.

I am confident that the motor will be replace at no cost to me but am now without an aircraft to put the motor in nor am I willing to say that I will even want to try a third motor in what will most likely be another new aircraft.

Did I do something wrong, or am I out of line in feeling that the engine failure caused the aircraft to crash and the manufacture or LHS should assume some of the responsibility for damage caused by the crash?
17 Attachment(s) 3dhs extra 330lt
Cool / Posted by Kendalldad / 10-16-2014 @ 11:06 AM / 2,911 Views / 8 Comments / Reply
coming along loving this plane hopefully have wings done tonight
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FPV lost
Cool / Posted by naldin / 10-15-2014 @ 10:38 PM / 3,117 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
I was lost for a few seconds

Aeroplus RC Pre-Order Now Open!
Announce / Posted by KoleDeRacer / 10-14-2014 @ 09:02 PM / 3,341 Views / 1 Comments / Reply
Pre-Orders for the new Aeroplus ARFs will be open for one week. So, If you have been wanting one now is the time!

3 Attachment(s) More YS Fun
Discussion / Posted by 49dimes / 10-13-2014 @ 05:26 PM / 3,522 Views / 6 Comments / Reply
New to the hanger... A really good precision practice plane with a monumental power package!
The YS DZ 70 is a tiny engine with "punch you in the face" power!! WOW!! It will turn a 15x7!!! prop!!!
The original F-120 turned a 15x7 prop!!!
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Name:	Photo197.jpg
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Name:	Photo194.jpg
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9 Attachment(s) Twin ES Composite Pipes & 91" EF Yak
Discussion / Posted by NashVegas / 10-13-2014 @ 08:39 AM / 3,547 Views / 5 Comments / Reply
Found a way to cram twin tuned pipes on a DA70 into my 91" Extreme Flight Yak.

Took a bit of fabrication, but I got 'em in! The pipe tunnel is 3 3/4" and each pipe is 2", so I had to open up one side which included removing a couple of formers.

Now if the weather would break!

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Name:	photo 1.JPG
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Name:	photo 4.JPG
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Name:	Set Screw.JPG
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Name:	Side opening.JPG
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Name:	Entrance.JPG
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Name:	Exit.JPG
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Name:	new prop.JPG
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37.5 yak 54 tail wheel
Discussion / Posted by Carlton / 10-11-2014 @ 11:58 PM / 3,875 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Can someone please show me how they set up there tail wheel assembly ? im trying to use the CF tail wheel assembly that came with the kit, but man im having a hard time getting any real movement from the rear wheel. i tried changing springs but still no improvement, i see some guys are using a tiller set up but my plane came with springs, any help will be appreciated
Cool / Posted by naldin / 10-09-2014 @ 10:04 AM / 4,592 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
1 Attachment(s) 43% Extra 300 SHP Mission Statement!!
Discussion / Posted by neil russell / 10-08-2014 @ 12:19 PM / 5,158 Views / 7 Comments / Reply
Just putting it out there.This airplane is beautiful and big.My brother built this composite Extra from scratch, every piece from gear to rear,NOT EASY! The plans I blew up for him.I told him it was 43% but its more like 44%,"my little secret.We have been trying to get out in the known RC world for years.We have done fiberglass work and full paint jobs for Aircraft Intl/and many other top pilots.This Extra fly's great and I am very proud of it.The plane is 3 years old and only flown very few times at our local club ,"MVRCC.",great club and best friends." Shout out to "WOB & HUBB and Bunky F Knuckle" for the help., The name Aquila was created to kick off the new company,just a little hard to do it with full time jobs.I just wish we would go somewhere where builders /sponsors/pilots would appreciate all the work,from a drawing to hand made plug's/molds/all designed from one man and some of the best covering from Johnny boy! I remember back in the day when this hobby was going to the field and flying beaters and leaving with a smile on our face while barely being able to afford glow fuel.Now it's turned into a somewhat stressful job in my opinion,and workers and pilots at most of the fly in's I go to look burned out.I miss those days of good friends and no pressure.You all know what im talking about.When the Iphone is turned off and im in the air connected to the plane it's like I am free.Thank God for Pat Hartness at Joe Nall,"he gets it"..This was just a mission statement!! I love this hobby!
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Name:	extra.jpg
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ID:	683173 196.3 KB · Views: 230

DA 170 VS DLE 222
Discussion / Posted by flybig / 10-07-2014 @ 01:24 PM / 5,517 Views / 14 Comments / Reply
Okay this sounds like a much asked question these days. Which is the best engine out there, DA or is it DLE. While there is no standard answer to this, some would go for the DA and some would go for the DLE.
Dle has an edge on price when compared, and in my opinion its more bang for the buck. Ive seen a lot of pro pilots using DLE engines and COMPLETELY love their setup with the engines.

THIS question is for discussion purpose,
What do you guys think -

Which engine should be better (DA 170 or DLE 222)
In a sbach or a yak of (40% size) ?
If there is a clear winner, is it because of the wngine quality or the after service, price, longevity etc?
37.5 pilot yak 54
Discussion / Posted by Carlton / 10-05-2014 @ 10:49 AM / 5,589 Views / 3 Comments / Reply
is there anyone running the stock baffle that was suppplied with this kit ? does it help? is it needed, will the engine be ok without it, ? hole was cut out on the lower cowl plus im running cans,, so the whole back end is pretty much open thanks
old Tunnel Vision video
Discussion / Posted by Mithrandir / 10-04-2014 @ 02:07 AM / 5,991 Views / 4 Comments / Reply
I love to do Hovers and Harriers!! lol

Discussion / Posted by Carlton / 10-03-2014 @ 09:53 PM / 5,897 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Well im looking for a trailor to haul these big 40% planes, any ideal where i can locate one? if it could be at few inches shorter that would be great thanks Carlton
P-51 With Over sized Engine
Discussion / Posted by phoenixjeff123 / 10-02-2014 @ 09:39 PM / 6,499 Views / 14 Comments / Reply
Has anyone stuffed a 100cc in something like the Hangar 9 60cc P-51? Anybody have any thoughts to make a P-51 go fast? Thanks J.

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