Posted by cherrybomb48 | 06-25-2016 @ 08:59 PM | 481 Views
Grabbed a few minutes of video of my new Edge. Still getting the hang of the new airframe but it's pretty badass


3DHS 106" Edge 540 - YouTube

Posted by Pecanpatch | 06-24-2016 @ 06:38 AM | 717 Views
First time in months. Flying Giants isn't blocked at work!

Woo Hoo!
Posted by XtremePowerRCs | 06-22-2016 @ 09:26 PM | 954 Views
Im EXCITED to announce that BVRCC in Wixion Valley has there BIG BIRD event coming up on JULY 30th! The Pilot meeting will be held at 9:00 am. The landing Fee is 25$ and that also includes your lunch. There will be door prizes for the pilots!

Always a great time out here at this Field. SO Please come out and Enjoy this EVENT and bring anything GIANT!

!!!!!!!! THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!!!!!


Address: 800 FM 2776 Bryan TX

Posted by rolling circle | 06-11-2016 @ 03:05 PM | 3,215 Views
It's been a while friends and it's been about exactly a month since we arrived at Nall. Now here I am back and finally finished taking about 4 hours of high energy video and chopping it up in little pieces that are hopefully going to keep your eyes glued to the screen for the next 10 minutes or so. I hope you enjoy it very much. Now I can get back to building planes, chilling out and flying. Feel free to comment or send a PM if you would like to chat. Take care all you pilot-friends out there. All you friends out at XFC, take care, have fun, be safe and sorry we missed it. Slow roll the whole field WOT for me, please!

Will replace later with same vid but better resolution later tonight. After a month of editing, I just wanted it to render and upload man... geezy peezy LOL

Send a PM or comment if you like. Always goodto talk to you.

Take care.
Aaron/Rolling Circle

JOE NALL 2016 V3 - YouTube

Posted by 3dken | 06-08-2016 @ 11:00 PM | 3,503 Views
Posted by XtremePowerRCs | 06-08-2016 @ 10:20 PM | 3,522 Views
so, im pretty excited, i picked up this 111cc pitts s12 bulldog a few weeks back. Not real sure of the brand or anything, but it seems to be built real solid. The fuse is fully sheeted, and the construction is amazing. It has a DLE 111, smoke pump, 4 jr matchboxes, 2 duralight regulators. Picked it up on a heck of a deal. My plan is to find me a 28x10 prop and see how she flys with that. Ill take more pictures of it and get them uploaded for yall to see. Maybe you might know the brand?

Happy flying to you all
Posted by Toothata540 | 06-08-2016 @ 07:25 PM | 3,521 Views
Hey Folks!

If anyone is interested, we are having our club fun fly on Father's Day, June 19th 2016 from 10am-4pm. Franklin County Radio Control Club is located at 110 Industrial Blvd. Turners Falls, MA 01075. (Gate 4 at the Turners Falls Airport).

We should have quite a mix of aircraft this year from micro to giant and plenty of free flight time for folks to join us! We have food, raffle prizes and this year we are collecting donations for the Free to Breathe foundation. No Landing Fee! AMA required. FAA required (We're at an active airport).


Franklin County Radio Control Club - AMA 1661
Posted by YarSmythe | 06-06-2016 @ 11:29 AM | 3,779 Views
We have uploaded Episode #4 "Don't Oppress Me Bro" to our website. Our iTunes feed should be updated shortly.


Thanks for listening!
Posted by A100dork3 | 06-06-2016 @ 06:00 AM | 3,792 Views
Name is Nick Z. I am from Moline IL. I fly with the Quad city Skyraiders and the Erie RC club. 37 years old. Been flying for 25 yrs. flown it all but turbines. Love classic pattern planes and anything vintage.

I currently fly a Restored Royal Baron 58, a fully restored compensator pattern plane and a few others.
Posted by lilbutch | 06-05-2016 @ 09:13 PM | 4,078 Views
here are some pics of the g 124 inline .
Posted by tchockozzo | 06-02-2016 @ 06:25 PM | 4,588 Views
Posted by tchockozzo | 06-02-2016 @ 06:09 PM | 4,610 Views
I would like to share with you guys some videos posted on my Youtube Channel of plant design of my new project, and also the i will post the all process of construction of this beautiful airplane.

Here is the links of the follows videos of this project:

Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...
Criando a planta do Cessna 210 Centurion RC -...

Thanks for watch, and if you like my videos, subscribe at my YT Channel
for new videos. Sorry for the language in Portuguese (Brazil) at the videos
but 99% of my follows are from there.
Posted by jk6672 | 05-28-2016 @ 11:42 PM | 5,685 Views
I have the 60 Yak and the 91 Yak both in the Russian Thunder scheme so naturally I wanted the 110 Yak in the Russian Thunder scheme as well. This version is beautiful inside and out, not to mention HUGE, and I thought my 91 was big. When I ordered it I knew it was going to be bigger, but side by side those 19 inches makes a big difference.
I had everything unpacked and staged in less than 1/2 an hour. I took my time visually inspecting the wings, stabs, rudder, and fuselage. It's gorgeous on the outside and inside. I had to be careful removing the tape securing the ailerons down because the film is loose in that area and wanted to lift off at the seams. Nothing a good ironing wont take care off. The covering was tight all over the plane, but now that it's been in my shop for a couple of days its starting to get some wrinkles. This is normal and all the planes I've ever had to this, but it's just going to be a lot of work on this size of plane. Once I took the canopy off I just had to step back a minute and take in what actually went into designing this model, the internal structure of the 110 is an ingenuous work of art. It's build with the strength of a tank, but engineered to withstand abuse without weighing like a tank.

Here it is with the CF landing gear installed waiting for my White Rose mains and tail wheel assembly to arrive:

Here are some pictures of under the canopy, they really don't do this airframe any justice, you really need to see it in person to get the awe factor:

The bust pilot is a perfect match IMO as far as scale goes. I knew the bust in my 91 Yak was off a little, but now I really see how off it is compared to the 110. EF supplies a canopy deck, but I don't think I will be able to install the front half because the gas tank platform is build up and above the wing spare, which I'm sure helps a lot with the CG since CG is obtained dry.

I'll will be finishing this up over the next few months since I didn't have any electronics or engine ready to transplant.
Posted by bsbauman | 05-23-2016 @ 01:46 PM | 6,374 Views
Husky Ride
Posted by KIWIFLYER1 | 05-17-2016 @ 11:29 PM | 7,285 Views
Interesting little gasser, I put this motor in my Black Horse 87" Hurricane and hurls it around the sky effortlessly. Plane weighs 8.5 kg or 18.73 lbs for you folk who are not into metrication. Two niggling issues with this motor: Muffler kept coming loose, any amount of locktite wont hold it in place, problem solved by using longer M4 cap screws with steel disc washers under the heads of the cap screws, the washers sit flat on the outside of the exhaust body, similar to how the OS 33 GT muffler is mounted. This means that the screws have more bite and the pressure is more even using the steel disc washers, which very conveniently had a 4mm hole in the center of them.
Should have been mounted like this ex factory. I also used high temperature silicone on the exhaust header gaskets, this gives them an absolute flat leak free area to sit on. Second issue: Muffler is quite noisy, needs baffles to hush it a little but much quieter than DLE 35 equivalent.
The Evolution 33 is an easy to start motor using an electric starter but is reluctant to re start by hand when hot, but will re start quickly with the electric starter.
Motor easily swings an 18x8 prop, according to other users, and I dare say it would easily handle a slightly larger prop, but no real advantage by doing so. I am still on my break in prop at present which is a 17x8 XOAR. Break in period is quite long and involved but worth the effort.
I like this motor because it has beam and radial mounting, gives you a much broader choice of planes to put it into, if you are replacing an old 1.60 Glow motor with the GX 33.having the beam mounting lugs is a real bonus.
For quietness and smoothness of operation, if I was given the choice of an OS 33GT
Or the Evolution GX 33, I would most likely go for the OS 33, it's just that little bit smoother and quieter and starts by hand first flick every time.
Posted by Iflyalot | 05-15-2016 @ 12:14 PM | 7,587 Views
The owner of a beautiful RC jet was doing some last minute inspection of it before flight when another guy walks up and asks, "I don't see your FAA numbers, where are they?" The owners answer was, "Look right into this exhaust pipe and they will light up for you."
Posted by YarSmythe | 05-10-2016 @ 12:15 PM | 8,336 Views
Hey fellow Flying Giants Members:

Come check out our inaugural episode at RCROUNDTABLE.COM. It is a fun-filled conversation between three good friends who share the same passion for this radio control hobby. Listen in as they discuss RC news & events, swap funny stories, and ask the question: Whats on your workbench?

We will release a new episode every two weeks. Follows us on our website, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up-to-date.