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This is my latest project build. Full build thread over on rcgroups here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2523079

The size in the title is misleading. The plane is now 3.9mtr span.
I'm a glider flyer mainly and we needed another tug plane where I fly, so I built this one. I am currently looking for another engine for this model.
A couple of pictures attached.
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This is my first gaser. A Great Planes 160 Ultimate Biplane. I have Hitec 645mg servos throughout. A DLE 55 pulls it through the sky with ease, and sounds awesome. I've had one mishap hovering it a 10 feet when I ran out of gas. It's fun and scary at the same time. Her's video of the 10th flight. I'm still trying to figure out all of the little nuances of this plane as it has a lot of them.
160 Ultimate Bi Plane - YouTube

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TwistedHobbys does it yet again with their Crack Fokker! man this thing is amazing! It flies so smooth and slow and is a 3D machine when you want it to be! Also very fun to fly around nice and slow with the flaps down. I also added mixing in the flaps and elevator for some CRAZY fast loops! I am running the Crack Series DMG combo with a 3s 800mah battery which gives me 6 solid minutes of hard 3d. I can go on forever about how good this plane is... Well done Twistedhobbys! the Link to the Fokker and optional power combos are below:

TwistedHobbys Crack Fokker: https://twistedhobbys.com/th-35-epp-...dr-1-triplane/

Crack Series DMG combo: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-comb...ck-series-dmg/

TMW/TWS Series combo: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-comb...mw-tws-series/

Music: Purple-planet.com

TwistedHobbys Crack Fokker Dr-1 - YouTube

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The ground is my teacher. The ground is my judge. The ground is unforgiving. The ground is all that matters.
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Hi all

I am looking for more composite aerobatic aircraft manufacturers other than composite and and krill who else is around please help
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Hi Guys... I'm new to FG so please excuse this post if it's already old news... I have an Aeroworks Extra 260 Freestyle (30CC) with no Cowl and it's been 9 months since I contacted them to get a replacement. Is this typical for Aeroworks??? I would be grateful if someone could tell me where to get one. Hell... I'm almost considering making one.

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Does anyone have or know where I might buy a full set of plans for a Pica 1/6 scale Spitfire (Kit RC-1).


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Hey ,guys ,look at here ! show you something amazing! .

Name:8.5V25kg-cm Digital Servo;
Size :A:40.2mm B:20.1mm C:38.8mm D:48.0mm E:10mm; Weight:56g ▒0.2(1.46oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.16sec/60║ at (7.4V)
0.14sec/60║ at (8.5V)
Torque347.2 oz-in)25kg.cm.at(7.4V)
(291.7 oz-in)21kg.cm.at(8.6V)
Digital servos features: Support high voltage;Waterproof; Plastic case, resist heat and corrosion; Aluminium middle hull, easy to eliminate heat;Adopt high quality coreless motor.
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Being a 3D guy I wasn't expecting much from the new TwistedHobbys and RCFactory StepOne Trainer. But now I can say that I am flying this thing as much as I am my 3D foamies! This plane is an amazing flyer, it's fun to glide around like a sailplane (which results in a long flight time). It does inverted loops insanely fast, almost like waterfalls! And when I put my FPV camera on the plane it was almost like it belonged on the StepOne, there is a perfect spot on the front of the wing for a UMX FPV camera, and since the motor is in the back the camera has a perfect view. Another huge plus about the motor being in the back of the StepOne is how much more durable it makes it! Using the same 3 layer foam concept as the Twisted Racer Series planes, it makes the plane just about indestructible! A very well thought out design by TwistedHobbys and RCFactory!

The Kit can be found here: https://twistedhobbys.com/th-34-epp-step-one-trainer/

I am running a 2s 450mah with the TwistedHobbys StepOne power combo which has everything you need to get the plane up in the air except for RX, battery, and radio.

StepOne Power Combo: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-combo-34-step-one/

music: purple-planet.com

Enjoy the video
TwistedHobbys and RCFactory's StepOne Trainer
(1 min 59 sec)
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I had the pleasure of driving by this store purely by accident and stopping in as I am an avid modeler and seeing what products they sold. I will have to say I give the a thumbs up for there knowledge regarding cars, airplane, and quads. They have a full line of all the major brands of products and are friendly and will lead you to the product you are looking for. Not just tell you they are on the back wall of the store and point to them. I am really happy I found this store and wanted to pass the news to my fellow modelers.

Remote Control Hobbies
211 W. Katella Ave Suite J
Orange, CA 92867



M-F 10-7
Sat 10-6
Sun 10-5
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Here's the latest design from Cody Wojcik and the Twisted Hobbys crew. It's all EPP and it puts a smile on your face from the minute your box arrives. Epic looks and character are highlighted by the extreme performance you've come to expect from all Twisted Hobbys offerings. The antics achievable on this plane are epic. Depending on your transmitter, you can do flaps, spoilerons and you can get really tight loops from adding an elevator to flap mix with a couple levels of throw should you be able to assign it to a 3 position switch. This one is a must have for the Twisted pilot and WW1 fans alike. If you need support or have general questions, please just send a PM through FG and I will get notice by e-mail and respond quickly.

Stay Twisted my friends,

Totally Twisted Fokker - YouTube

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I picked up this Used Extra 260, Hangar 9 35%. I am at least the third owner of this plane. I pulled a lot of vinyl off, sent the engine to DA, replaced all the servos, leads, batteries, switches. Replaced the cockpit floor and pilot figure, landing gear and pants replaced with carbon fiber. Started some patching of the covering. Overall the plane is in fine shape but I am working on this to start into IMAC.
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seems none were injured, based on YouTube comments
RC Helicopter Crashes Into Crowd - IRCHA 2016 -...

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Just trying to get some advice as we as some feed back on battery chargers, I'm. Currently running Fromeco ion packs 5200 and 2800 on my yak 37.5, all I have been using is a duralite plus battery charger, pretty much plug in when the lights go out, it's all done chArging. I haven't had any problems with this set up , but is there something better than what I'm using ? Or am I ok to keep using what I have, thanks for any feed back
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DA 100L!