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What a great hobby I've happened on. Well actually I guess I've, Re- Happened on. When I was in my early thirties I borrowed my Dad's motor home and loaded the wife and kids in it and headed out to sunny California to visit, ( of course) DisneyLand. It was on this vacation that I became interested in RC planes and flying. We visited a beautiful park dedicated to RC of all kinds, but the old fellas and their sweet RC planes really got me going.. A few of the fellas showed up withbigger planes than I had ever seen before, so big in fact that they wouldn't fit in their vehicles. Wow. I couldn't beleive the fun these guys where having! I had to buy a RC plane setup too. So after cajoling with the wife for two days,she said ok. I ended up buying a 4 channel Aero Sport transmitter andreceiver, with a .25cc Super Box Fly. What was the salesman at Hobby Lobby thinking. Here's a dumb Canuck , he doesn't know what he's getting into. !!! And boy, I was clueless. I went through two of those birds, with the longest flight of approximately 60 seconds. Those Box Flys were fast and Squirrely! Never did master the art of flying with that setup. No instructor, no simulator,poor signal strength and ample interference; just a lot of false bravado on my behalf.. Time warp ahead thirty some years,and here I am enjoying this hobby to the max. Only because of new, better electronics, a Phoenix Flite Sim, and a very forgiving Eflite Apprentice, I'm now able to fly with confidence in rain,snow,shine,and wind (lots of wind here on the Prairies) . And in less than 100 flying hours on the Apprentice, I've already stepped up to 1/4 scale with a Hangar Nine Super Cub . What. Beautifull flying airplane.. So stable in the air! Also because with the aid of my IPhone ,IPad and Flying Giants of course, I've been able to cram into this 62 year old brain more info than I could have cleaned by reading a dozen books and in one tenth the time. Aw Sum! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I just love these new fangled electronics! I think I might be addicted!
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Carden 126" Extra 260 featuring handmade wood cowl covered completely in Monokote.Colors include Cub Yellow,Metallic Green,& Chrome (handcut 3/32" wide pinstripping )
3W-150 /Proflo cans,White Rose wheels & tailwheel assembly, & carbon gear & pants.
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Airborne at last - 6 1/2 hours logged so far

IMG_3716 by pittsartist@yahoo.com, on Flickr

With spats

IMG_0086 by pittsartist@yahoo.com, on Flickr


IMG_0069 by pittsartist@yahoo.com, on Flickr

GPS @ 2600 RPM

IMG_0113 by pittsartist@yahoo.com, on Flickr

..... Happy !!!
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Think this the order of how I like learning to fly aerobatices.
Rolls slow rolls points rolls snap rolls, snap rolls are the ones that I could do a little better at my snaps with my CZ Yak Knife edge. I'm good at these. I can do them right to left and left to right
and with the bottom of the plane facing me. It just seem a little harder to do knife edge turn arounds and knife edge cycles rightnow. Those still scare me just a touch.
Rolling circles. I do theses good
Spins I should work on them from upside down my rightside up ones are find
Loop all other basic i mac aerobatices I have down.
Hover still a little hard to sometimes but I can hover.
Harrier up right and inverded
Rolling harrier I do theses a little better and easier with my profile.
Thorue rolls I'm learning this one on the sim rightnow. Then I will start doing it with my profile 3d plane before I try doing this with anything more than a profile plane.
blender I been doing theses with my PZ T-28 and my profile 3d.
The rolling loop. Bet this be the last thing I ever learn cause of how hard it is to really make look nice and not chush.
Is there any other way I should learn all these things or order to learn everything in.
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Started working on my GS again after retiring it last July! I was breaking in new engine and didn't have it tethered down securely! Unfortunately, lost first knuckle on my finger!

GP EXTRA 330L 33%
3W 80xi
Falcon 26X8
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Founded in July,2010 DJ engines is a dedicated manufacture for RC gas engine and parts. With professional design, precision machining and reliable quality management, we ensure the best quality of our products.
In addition to our great products, we emphasize our post sales service. Any comment or question of using or tuning our gas engines are welcome and will be responded promptly by emails. We promise our customers not only the best product but also the responsible service.
Our vision is to provide the reliable RC gas engines of excellent performance with reasonable price and bring the greatest joy of hobby for all the RC pilots around the world.
Try DJ engines, fly high in the sky and feel the difference!

Our website: www.djengines.com
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Who knew some paperwork in the mail could get me so amped up! I have been running an RC event for over 10 years now. It was mentioned to me by Randy Cameron that it might not be a bad idea to become a contest director with the AMA. Brilliant!! I took the test, got the required signatures and thanks to the help from my district VP Kris Dixon I'm official! Turns out Kris and his father camped next to us on the 3D line way back when at Nall. Kris's dad and I are both hair farmers and enjoy the sounds of the Allman Bros!

Thanks to Randy, Kris and the folks at the AMA for making me official!!
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I would like to purchase a set of Bob Godfrey legible plans for a 32.5% Bob Godfrey Extra 300. Hopefully someone has a set of plans for this bird.
Posted by SASIwire | 03-13-2015 @ 11:07 AM | 2,563 Views
Hi everyone! We are excited to join this blog and introduce ourselves. We get calls after calls from hobbyists around the nation who are on the hunt for better wire for RC and robotic projects. Hey, this is our specialty!

SASI began in the Aerospace Industry as a source for Military Specification Silicone Wire, Cable and related materials. As our customer base grew so did our product line, and when silicone wire touched our hands we were instantly captivated. It’s just cool stuff. A wide temperature operating range, strong connection characteristics and high flexibility make it easily adaptable for use in military, UAV, RC and robotic applications. The problem? The stuff was just hard to source and there was a preconceived notion that upping the quality of silicone wire to military specification standards would be too expensive. We knew otherwise. Today, we seek to be a source where there once was none, and to offer both Mil-Spec and Commercial Silicone Wire competitively.

We are looking forward to seeing all your great innovations, projects and events here at Flying Giants and hope to become your trusted friend and source too.

Michelle K.
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Got the chance to go back to the museum last weekend and this is the first video. Got a chance to fly several flights this time and met a lotta great folks. Thanks for your chatting with us if you stopped by. Plenty of kids and parents stopped to talk. Great stuff!!

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After practicing flying on my computer, I completed my first flight in the summer of 2014 and my love for RC Flying grew strong. My goal is to build the "Seaduck" from the Disney cartoon I grew up watching "TailSpin". I built a foam version, but was crushed and thrown away. Hopefully after my wife and I purchase a house, I can start my real build, but until then, my only plane is a Horizon Hobby DeltaRay. Lucky for me, the guys that fly at the air field let me fly with them on their plans with a buddy box set up. After purchasing a new transmitter, I'm now saving to buy a new plane.
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Afternoon Everyone,
New to the site but not to the sport. Been flying R/C planes for 15+ years & love it. Sure don't get out there as much as I should or use too but hopefully this year I'll be able to get back into the groove. I have over 60 planes & my own air strip here at the house so it's pretty convienent but like I said the last few years have just been busy & the flying hasen't been top priority. I've been looking around the site & checking out articles & blogs. Nice to see a people are still in this hobby for the long haul. Been a member of R/C Universe for 10yrs but finally dove into this group to keep up to date with whats new. Thanks for a great site, look forward to years of service. Rick
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What 3d move would be better to learn first? Torque roll or the rolling harrier.
Posted by matexd | 03-04-2015 @ 02:07 PM | 4,172 Views
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Guys. I receieved my Powerbox smoke pump today and I am trying to figure out what the best way to mount this pump and where on this edge. It is round so I am not really sure what side needs to sit up or if it matters. I would love to see pictures if anyone has this pump on how you mounted it. I will be putting this in a 106 EDGE(3DHS)
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Finally finished my Sundowner F1!
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Maiden on the 46% Ultimate, filmed with DJI Inspire 1, piloted and edited by Torgeir Sørensen.
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Of course, this had to be tested.
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I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's about three years ago and given between 3 and 13 years before my mind goes dark or I go out altogether, they aren't sure which. One of the things they are sure o is that working your mind is great for slowing the progress of the disease or at least the symptoms. I gave up RC flying like 28 years ago but when the neurologist said I needed to pursue a hobby that exercises my brain I knew just what to do. I went and bought a foamy and started flying.

Recently during one of my regular visits to the neurologist she remarked that apparently the flying is doing better than anything she has to offer. She said, and I quote "You need to fly all you can." I said, What?" I thought I was hearing things but the wife was sitting right there and heard it also.

Fast forward to recent times and I am working my butt off to keep flying all I can and to build my we site FlyingRC.net http://www.flyingrc.net/
Building up the rc site is for a couple reasons, one I have been doing woodworking web sites for like 15 years and have a very successful one of those. But when I came out about having Alzheimer's all but two of my woodworking sponsors ran for the hills. I know how to do reviews and how-tos so am going to use the same format that was so successful in woodworking for flyingrc.net.
My problem is that I don't know how long I have to get it to where it makes money to make things easier for my family now and especially after I am gone. On the advice of a friend I started a fund raising campaign at http://www.gofundme.com/mct5jo and will use any money raised there to keep review products coming through the shop. I usually sell things off after reviewing them (I can't keep everything) so will be offering that stuff to contributors at under 50 cents on the dollar and that money going back into the pot to buy more stuff for review and to do how-to's. I have all the computer power, photo and video equipment and am used to working nearly around the clock so will continue that until my lights go out I guess.

The important thing is that I am having some success slowing the progression of the disease and with some help from the world out there just might be able to demonstrate that rc flying is good for more than just having a good time. It just might be prolonging my life, especially he useful portion of my life.
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I have been following this for the last month and finally jumped on for a CoolBox!

Sure, this toolbox can be built DIY, but I would not be able to pull it off so cleanly with all the integrated features.