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Old 03-09-2010, 07:37 AM   #61
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Default Re: BoneDoc's 3D Clinic: Hovering 101 - Finding Your Rhythm

Entering a hover from a harrier (once you learn it) is easier and MORE REPRODUCIBLE. All you have to do is pitch the elevator while adding throttle, similar in the way you enter a wall. The difference is that since you're at a post stall attitude, the plane will only pitch slightly, and will require several burst to get it into a hover.

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Goober T.
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Nice job Josh, and good info. What people have to realize, is, every plane flys different, no matter what their setup is. You can take 2 same planes, same motor, same servos, same radio, same throws, same expos, and same CG, and I promise you they will not fly the same in any condition. The sim is a great teacher, but in real life it is a new ball game, and that reset button isn't there. I can do all the 3D I want on the sim, but real life I struggle hard. Mental block?, yes, probably so, but sim is way to forgiving. I'm saying this so new 3D pilots understand that in real life, hang on to your hats and wallet, because it will cost you with out the proper help. Just my input from experience, and I'm also trying to do 3D in real life with a 30% YAK and have problems. The Flying Giants have given me geat help, but they can't fly the plane for me. What I have learned is, take all the advice you can get, and than apply it to your skills and hope for the best. I'm still looking for help.
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Tommy Lee
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Incredible! Thanx!!!
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Torque Rolls might be old hat....

But I still love to do'em!!


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Quote: Originally Posted by Mithrandir
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Torque Rolls might be old hat....

But I still love to do'em!!


AND THE TORQUE ROLL MASTER SPEAKS..................You make a torque roll look easy mith.
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