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Originally Posted by philagan View Post
In reading your thread's your knowledge of tec problems my help me find an answer
to my 42 % sukoi crash. After 35 flights on it I traded modified wings (larger ailerons)
with 7980 servos for new wings and 7954 servos ,Brand new in the box.
Using my spectrum DX18 Xmtr I programed the new wing servos as before,on the
very first take off after about 100 feet I lost all control,Plane flew about half mile before crash. At crash 3 sat ant were on solid # 4 was disconnected all 4 servos in the tail would not move. Later at home performed bench test ,servos would not move until
I exchanged A with B then they worked ??? Sent the 12 x powersafe rec to Horizon ,They could not duplicate the problem and sent me a new rec.
The only thing I noticed was a strange sound out of the wings when the servo moved.
I installed the servo in a 42% aero works yak and they made the same noise, I removed the 7954s ,and will not use them until I figure this out. I have moved on to Brushless servos in the Yak.
I think the servos set up an oscillation feed back that took out the 2.4 receiver.
I talked to a Electronics Engineer in RF tec about it ,said it could happen.
Note ;I have used Hitec 5955 7955 7950 ,7980 , and now 9380s Dx18 xmtr 12 ch
pwrsafe rec , 6.6 v and 8.4 v for years with 100% confidence ,but not any more.

If you read the 12 channel PowerSafe instructions you will see that they say that at least 3 remotes are required, one of which must be connected to port A. There was most likely nothing wrong with the PowerSafe, it simply refused to connect because there was no remote connected to port A when you bench tested it, which is a requirement for it to connect. Before you get worried, once it connects to your DX18, if the remote connected to port A fails or get unplugged, everything will continue to work just fine until the next power cycle, where it will refuse to connect. Since Horizon was nice enough to replace the PowerSafe, I only mention this so that you don't run into this issue again in the future.

Did you perform a range test before flying? Since control was lost once it got 100' away I assume this should have showed up during a range test. When you returned the PowerSafe to Horizon, did you send your DX18 back to get it checked out as well? Before flying another airplane with it I would thoroughly range test it as the DX18 could well be the problem due to reduced RF output. Don't assume the only place the problem could be was inside the airplane..

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Hey Wayne Thanks for the reply More info, Port A sat broke connection in crash ,the other sats should have continued to operate . I have continued to use the DX 18 without any problems.,on low
value planes.I sent 12 pages of data log info to Horizon.In all of the test ,Log showed only 2 "F" and no "H' I think It went solid H and fail safe never activated. Remember I had over 35 flight s before I changed wings. I have installed telemetry now in my Yak , But have not flown it yet,
waiting for the wind to stop blowing
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For those who have lost trust and no longer wish to have any Hitech servos (59xx, 79xx) in their planes, I will gladly purchase any from you for $10 each. Hitech has been constant winner in all my planes for 12 years without one hitch or failure.
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