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The S.bus wiring is not really an issue unless you want three way connections.
Any Servo lead extension can be used, there is nothing special about the 3-way extension leads other than they allow three inputs into 1.

For elevators I use a AWG 20 Y lead with a long male lead (LHS makes them up for me) into the 4way hub.

But I do like the Robbe hardware more. It just allows more versatility than the Futaba connectors.
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Quote: Originally Posted by socal
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I was not talking about RX/ TX. If you choose to use a "orange" rx, good luck. I was saying that I have been in the factories that produce some of the products we use. These are exceptional factories. QC is way better than you can imagine - it is on a military scale with order and cleanliness. The parts are subbed to other factories but the parts are the same. I just used a new company out of Shenzhen for my servos. XQ Power. Great servos in a $3K plane. So happy. Using little or unknown sources is not for everyone.

Hello, Harry
I have get this sources, pay less money and get high torque. Great!
The large servo of XQ-POWER is perfect applicable for large plane, its brushless digital servo with an amazing price, cut down my spending on servos...with 60kg-cm torque
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