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Here is what I did but it will be an expensive option for you. I also have a DX 18 radio

I used two 9 channel receivers primarily for redundancy and split the airplane into the right side and left side. My receivers are Powersafe but they don't have to be to achieve this feature. So in this way you only have 2 aerilons and 1 flap , 1 elevator and 1 rudder servo per receiver.

I also put the choke on the opposite receiver as was the throttle.

In the programming mode go into mixing funtion and make a new mix AIR > LFL

I used the first position (0) of the Flap Switch D. In this position the flaps act as aerilons. By the way it doesn't need to be Switch D or even a three position switch but it is what I am used to from my previous JR 12X radio.

In second position (1) on the flap switch the flaps act as flaps. They are NOT programmed as part of the AIR >LFL mix.

For me I made third position (2) of the flap switch to make the flaps act as Crow (going upwards) but you could have made them just another flap position.

Another feature that I did was to program the flaps to take 3 seconds to completely deploy (along with my elevator compensation) and in this way the reaction of the flaps coming down won't cause an over reaction.

BUT WHAT I CAN"T DO is add Aerilon Differential and make the Flaps, when in the Aerilon Mode, follow the Aerilons EXACTLY. The flaps move without and differential effect.
Brian Fisher
Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada,
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