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Sounds good. So the a switch on the TX can shut down the ignition...killing the engine. Am I thinking that right?
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That's the way I gather it also. One battery plugged into T-A ibec, into the receiver suppling power to everything, and a switch kills the motor.
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Using the Tech Aero product - not only can a switch be programmed to kill the Engine - but an RX power supply failure will also kill the Engine - as will a Radio signal loss (such as the TX being off line).

The Smartfly and the Tech Aero units are the only ones I use on any of my planes fitted with such devices - but they are like PPE - they are only there as a LAST defense, not something to be relied upon. Nothing will beat a good setup on a well built plane using good quality components. (Don't believe me? Try putting an ignition kill on any size Glow engine - such as a 1.20 (20cc), 1.80 30cc, 2.40 (40cc) etc. It's weird how on a Gasser these things are considered "Compulsory" these days yet on a Glow they are not
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