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I don't like directly powering a servo from a battery, they do not regulate well and you can get some small interactive oscillations when the horn is near home. A regulated power supply (BEC) manages those dips and rises better. You can even use several small 2-3 amp ubecs near remote servos and get less buzz etc. Example, a 2 amp bec in the wing, one in the tail, and maybe one up front for the throttle/rudder. I am speaking of analog standard servos. They, the 2 amp bec only weigh about 10g each. And they are good for a 3 amp short time load. Cheap too, as low as $6 ea.

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I think your missing the point. This is a very debatable subject. Actually a debate neither of us can win. Thats fine that you guys want to gang multiple servos to a single receiver port. But I dont roll that way. I use 10 servos on my last 100cc plane. 3 servos per wing. Now I dont gang 2 servos together ever let alone 3. There are many ways to do this with out sharing the power supply from the receiver. All you need is a signal to control your servos from the receiver.. You can power them straight from the battery individually.
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