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If you're thinking about getting a taranis watch some of the tutorial videos on YouTube, the programming is different from jr/spektrum and futaba due to openTX software but once you understand it it's easy. A friend of mine that flies freestyle has 3 different music routines programmed to one of the 3 position switches on his taranis and the play/pause button on the trainer switch he gets carried away with all that programming stuff.

Originally Posted by GuyPilot View Post
I have been flying RC
since 1970

One of my first radios was a Heath Kit - which I built myself when I was in high school. I still have that radio as well as my first Kraft radio

so I have had a few radios and I have to say that I really like my DX18. I have never had any issues and it's so easy to program compared to the Futaba radios

I will be give either the Taranis or Hours a chance.

I really don't understand the Spektrum bashing

QUOTE=JIMZACH;1797070]Well, this past week I finally pulled the trigger on the new DX-18. I received the radio on thursday and got my H9 Extra 300 setup on it for some flying this weekend. After I made the first flight I came down and started pluggin away some mixes for KE, downlines, and an idle up and throttle cut as well. After I got this all done it was time for another flight and to adjust my mixes and idle up mode. After a few moments of being dumbfounded I saw what was confusing me. The rudder was not centerd. Long story short, after some playing arpound and trouble shooting with Tech Suport it seems that the POT on the rudder will not center. It thinks that the rudder is deflected to the left by 33%. So my local dealer that I ordered it from ordered another one and will replace which is great. Just wanted to know how others are doing with this radio. Has anyone encounterd a problem like this or any problem with the radio for that matter. As it is a new product and there are bound to be some issues. Any info is greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.

Zach Bloomquist
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I'm just setting up my first plane in my DX18 G2. This plane has smoke.
How do I set up the smoke pump so it is slaved off the throttle?
I want it completely off at lower throttle, and speeding up slightly as the throttle increases.
I have the smoke pump on Switch H (2 position switch top right corner).

Is there also a way to have a warning set up on that switch to tell me if its ON when I power up the transmitter?

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Setup a mix thats controlled by a switch.

You want a curve mix and you will have to add a point or two and play with the percentages to get what you want.

Then set a warning on that switch.
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