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Default Decalin for gas engines?

I was just reading in Model Aviation that the fuel additive Decalin(TCP) is good for engines burning gasahol. When I researched it, I found that it was a lead scavenger with nothing mentioned about it affecting the problems caused by ethanol. Did I miss something in the "translation"? It isn't all that expensive and is worth a shot if it will help. My reading came up with it being used for cleaning up the 100LL avgas and not regular auto fuel.
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Default Re: Decalin for gas engines?

Back in the old days TEL- tetraethyl lead or something like that did two things for gas, well three actually
made it stink like mad
increased octane thru better resistance to detonation
lubricated valve stems
Now for the confusing part, now that they have mostly taken the lead out(LL) people seem to have problems with lead deposits on valves and plugs. So TCP is used to help that situation....
seems to me running NON LL gas would require the TCP...
anyway any product designed for avgas may or may not work with mogas(pump/car gas) as avgas is actually rather different....its made from the traditional low yield cracking process and contains the desirable highly branched
hydrocarblons versus mogas being made by high yield straight distillation with mostly straight chain molecules.
It has lots of olefins etc that are not too good also.
My suggestion is to look at gas stabilizers and see if you can find one that addresses alcohol issues bearing in mind that many many stabilizers and additives have ALCOHOL in them too.
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Default Re: Decalin for gas engines?

I have only heard of decalin being used as a lead scavenger, not an alcohol "reverser."
Many of the ultralight guys that have Rotax engines are supposed to run a high grade of unleaded, not 100LL. Sometimes they can only find 100LL at aiports, so they use decalin to scavange the lead. That's the only use I have seen for the stuff.

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