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The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

This is a 100% Avant purebred complete kit.

The model uses the tried-and-true and very succesful CCPM system and the Avant Programmable Head and combines them with the rest of a design that takes the state of the art in high performance helicopters to a new level.

A very slim design and low front profile give the Aurora a very low drag coefficient that allows it to keep the momentum in the most demanding maneuvers.

An incredibly low parts count makes this an extremely easy to repair and maintain heli.

A very streamlined figure makes it easy for axis alignment and orientation axis into the most precise maneuvers.

An innovative slanted battery plate with easily replaceable straps makes it easy to exchange power packs finally allowing for a practical way to use lighter packs and save on flying weight

At the same time the battery plate slides and adjusts upwards and downwards allowing for CG adjustments without the need to add additional weights.

The Aurora uses the most rugged torque tube system. The generously sized gears are designed to take about 9 times the actual forces while in flight so that the pilot can use and abuse the system without the usual concerns of the typical torque tube systems.
A 4.9 tail to main ratio makes it a very nice system with all the tail authority you'll ever need.

The Aurora Ultimate uses a carbon tailboom for extra stiffness and lightweight.

The Aurora tailcase gear system is a work of art on itself. Designed to be lightweight and rugged it holds a very innovative gear system.

To service the gears the pilot simply loosens the tailhub setscrew and takes the three gearcase cap screws off and the whole systems comes out to the right for a very easy servicing access. Also notice that instead of using a fixed length brass sleeve the Aurora tailcase uses an ingenious adjustable bearing sleeve that allows you to keep the tail output shaft without any lateral play whatsoever and prevents the brass sleeves from eating into the gear's delrin.

Besides being extremely light the tailcase is also very stylish. Notice how the tail output shaft is a 6mm diameter and the tailhub is a 5mm diameter shaft for rugged resistance for those not-so-perfect autos. The tailhub threads are made inside to minimize the creation of fatigue cracks. It also makes taking the tailblade grip off a single operation with a wrench from the outside of the tailgrips. Two widely spaced radial bearings and one trust bearing make it a very precise tailgrip system.

One of the nicest features of the Aurora is the main gear system. It uses machined delrin gears with a special high load tooth profile that minimizes the noise and rattling. The generously sized main gear is larger than most of the standard gears lowering the point of contact forces applied to the gear's teeth.

One of the most advanced features is the use of a centered sprague. In the Aurora instead of a problem-plagued one-way bearing system the Aurora sports a combination of sprague clutch and a radial bearing in one unit. In this system the sprague runs on a hardened inner race preventing the common "grooving" of other systems. This is also kept in precise alignment by a built-in radial bearing.

All the parts are precisely machined by completely automated systems guaranteeing part to part consistency.

With this innovative design a very compact and light main gear hub and constant drive system is achieved

The pinion and clutch are precisely machined to the highest engineering standards

Precise simplicity and low parts count is always a welcomed feature

Many nice features are incorporated in the design. Ample room for today's large engine heads is taken into account as well as clearance so that the head can be extracted or swapped without having to take the engine off the heli.

Another nice feature is the addition of wear pads a the bottom of the struts extending the life of the struts when landing on hard or abrasive surfaces like concrete or asphalt

The Aurora tank is designed to optimize the location of the fuel pickup minimizing the distance from the pickup point to any point inside the tank. A generous 22 ounce capacity allows for longer flights and more time for practicing.

Ultra-compact and lightweight design is a key directive in the design of the Aurora

A slim profile lightweight epoxy-glass canopy comes with a flexible base that minimizes cracks from flexing and vibration

We also take this opportunity to announce that both Alan Szabo Jr. and Danny Szabo have joined the Avant Team with Alan Szabo Sr. as the new team manager.

Dave Yost Designs (http://www.dydhelmets.com/) is the official high-performance canopy painting supplier for the Aurora program.

Here's one of Alan Szabo's Aurora canopies by Dave Yost Designs

Here's one of Danny Szabo's Aurora canopies

Here's a detail of the windshield

We will post some additional pictures and flight videos at the end of next week.

Due to the economies of high volume automated production we expect the introductory price to be under $1,000.00

Some units are being sent in the next few weeks to team pilots as well as selected customers and full availability will follow afterwards with a simultaneous release in the US and the UK.

The Aurora initial batch will be available initially only in the US and in the UK with the next batches going worldwide. The exclusive distributor for the UK is Midland Helicopters.

For any additional information or dealer inquiries please contact us via the EMAIL link below.


The Avant Team.
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora


I bet these will be hot... probably be several showing up at the field as soon as they are available!!
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

I think I found my next heli! I like the KISS idea and the low parts count. What will the spare parts support be like here in the US?
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

Man... That's a slick heli. Thanks for sharing detailed pics..
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

Awesome! I love the computer generated stuff. That is actually what I do, I "draw" and design stuff three dimensional on the computer. I think it is so much fun. Anyways, what program did you use?
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

Congats to the Szabo's on their new heli the Avant Aurora. I,m sure they will do it justice the way they fly. Going to be a hot item. Sr. glad to see you are going back to work. See you all at Ircha. Biff this year will be there flying a heli also. Welcome to the dark side Biff.
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

All I can say is the the 90 class is going to go crazy over the next few months. The Synergy N9 will be shipping soon and that is one hot heli also, very compact and intelligently simple. If the Aurora does in fact hit the streets at the $1000 price point I can't see the big three (Minair, TT, and JR) being top of the heap.
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

Ok guys, I have the Avant EFX, and I will be testing the new Aurora soon. The heli looks much nicer imo, now that they got the fuel tanks from sticking waay out in the back as on the previous models. There *will* be a conversion set for guys like me that have the EFX or FX, but when, or how much $, is still up in the air. I'll let you all know how it flies when I get to fly it.
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Re: The Szabo's new ride....Avant Aurora

Cool. Keep us posted with your opinions on it and pics&vids are always welcomed.
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