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9503 Programming for 4 Aileron servos

I am finishing setup of a 104 Slick and have the following setup--
JR 9503 2.4
922RX & 2 x 3800 TP LiPo
4 x 7955TG on ailerons
2 x 7955TG on elevators
1 x 8911HV on rudder
1 x 8611 & regulator on Throttle

Question - want to bring all four aileron channels in to the receiver.
Setup wingtype to have two channels - AIL and GEAR (thats for L & R root ail servos)

Unsure how to bring in the two tip servos - seems like using a simple mix (3-6) should do it.
Tried that but the servos were fighting each other on a wing half. The question is, is this the right approach for this transmitter. I think I used quad flaps on my 10X, but that doesn't seem to be offered on this transmitter.
The four servos have been programmed HPP21+ to match center and end points.
I realize I could use matchbox servo units, but think I can get it done with the transmitter.

Thanks for any assistance


ps - tried searching this forum for mixing and 4 servos but didn't see any usable threads/posts
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ok heres how i do mine,ill mate the AIL and GEAR for core and root servos on the RIGHT wing.Then mate FLAP with AUX2(or what ever channel is open)for the left wing,now go to mix1,put master as AIL and slave as FLAP.this way you still have the other mixs open.

if the servos are still fighting each other try hoocking up one servo at a time and adjusting the travel

hoped this helped,
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I just got Fromeco's QCM - Quad Current Meter - it does help trim the servos.
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The 9503 programming is based on the 9303. When the 9303 came out JR broke their tradition of having certain program mixes that would carry the master channel trim to the slave channel. Instead they added the wing type menu which I would guess they thought would be easier to use. Only with this menu can you carry the master’s trim to the slave for the aileron, rudder, elevator or flaps. (For some reason the throttle trim is carried through using the program mixes unless you use the # option.) Some people still believe that using mix 5 or 6 on the 9303/9503, you can carry the trim. I’ve tried every example that has been proposed using these mixes and they don’t work. Just check the MONITOR screen and move the aileron trim.

Since you are using programmable servos, I don’t see any reason you would hesitate to simply use a Y-harness for each pair of aileron servos. That way you would have all the programming benefits the 9503 offers without the worry that the some future programming will cause trouble. The only other practical solutions are to use some sort of match box devices or trade your 9503 in on either a 11X or 12X. These two transmitters support 4-aileron wings and more.

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