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4titude Fuel tanks

Hello fellow FG members,

I would like to introduce the 4titude brand fuel tank systems available at www.aerographix.biz The days of taking the time out of your busy schedule (flight time) to build a cumbersome tank with brass tubing, tygon and wire are over! These tanks are built ready to use (no assembly required) right here in the good ole USA. It really is simple, just place the required size tank in your favorite plane with foam padding to help prevent vibration and Velcro to secure the tank, attach your lines to the vent, fill and engine fittings and your done! Seriously it really is that easy!
***The 4titude tanks presently come in 3 sizes. 8oz, 16oz and 32oz.
***The tanks are clear so you know what you fuel line looks like. No wondering if the clunk is stuck in a forward position. Or disassembling the a tank to find out!
***There is a RTU version which is just the tank ready to use with your mounting material that you supply.
***There is also a RTUW version which has all the required mounting material with it (Velcro straps and foam padding).
Attached are pictures of the tank versions along with a .pdf of the tank instructions that come with every tank in the package.

Now many of you may know the manufacture of these great tanks but some of you may not. Jason Danhakl has been flying R/C for 22+ years. Jason is an accomplished 3D pilot along with extensive knowledge in the IMAC circuit. Most probably know him from flying in the Xtreme Flight Championships and has flown in all 10 of them to date. Jason has also worked in the UAV field and at Hobbico in product development. So to say the least Jason has some real world field experience in the R/C and UAV industry and is working hard in his own business now to bring some new and exciting products to the R/C community to help make things easier and better for all of us to use.

Since so many guys are asking questions and there have been some mis guided information put out about this new product, Jason would like to address them before speculation becomes reality. Jason has written the answers to some of the concerns with 4titude R/C’s fuel tanks:

Number (1) is why are the caps glued on? The caps are not glued on but rather sealed using an aerospace grade pliable fuel cell sealant. When gasoline comes in contact with the sealer it becomes pliable and will flex without cracking. Removing the cap to replace the clunk line in the future is easy once gasoline has been in the tank.

Number (2) is why are the clunks not all the way to the back of the tank? This is simple as fuel line no matter what type expands once in contact with gasoline. A six inch fuel line will grow on average about half of an inch once submerged in gasoline. If the clunk is right against the back of the tank once this expansion occurs it will hit and bind. Second reason is the felt filtered clunks we use do not suck the fuel in from the back. Instead it draws fuel in from the sides. Basically they are like a sponge and will suck out every drop of fuel in the tank. Yes we have flight tested this many times by running the tank dry flying hard aerobatics and after landing there is only vapors left in the tank.

Number (3) is can I use these for smoke? No you cannot because smoke fluid’s viscosity is too high for the felt clunk filter. We have never claimed that these will work for smoke. I am planning on releasing 16oz and 32oz smoke tanks but they are not available yet.

Number (4) is when are you going to release a 24 and 50 oz tank? Yes we are working on this also. I cannot give an exact time but they are in the works.

Number (5) is why are you not using Tygon fuel line for the clunk? Well this is simple as we all know that Tygon gets hard and brittle in a very short period of time. After many different bench and flight test I have found that the fuel line we provide has superior lifespan over Tygon. No fuel lines last forever but I want to provide the best product possible at reasonable cost to our valued customers.

Of course I’m always listening to our customer’s feedback and learning new ways to possibly make our products better. Hopefully this information will help everyone understand that 4titude R/C tanks are not just something that we just decided to slap together and sell in a couple of days. The development process has taken over a year with hundreds of hours test flying to get the product you see today. Thanks for the tremendous response about 4titude R/C and I hope to see you at a fly in sometime soon!
Jason Danhakl
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I liked the one tank I bought so much I ended up ,swapping out the tanks in all my planes to 4titude tanks, 6 of em.
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nice tanks
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I love them... After outfitting the Extra with them, I had to change out the one in the Beast. They really are easy to install. And not to mention a huge weigh saving. Great job Jason.
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Heard there might be a new tank out soon!!! Not sure what size but I do know 4titude is working on two sizes.
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Originally Posted by StickerBiotch View Post
Heard there might be a new tank out soon!!! Not sure what size but I do know 4titude is working on two sizes.
SB, A big tank would be great but I just installed two of the 32oz tanks in a 40% and it works great. I just copied your pictures on the dual tank setup in the other 4titude thread. I love not having to solder the barbs! Easy install.

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