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Nothing wrong with loctite if used properly, it is lighter than a pile of other hdwr. The main gear and tailwheel assy is a good place for loctite, I grind a flat on the setscrew and mating surface and use loctite on the screws.
Some planes vibrate more than others, as long as you use something it's definitely better than nothing.

I'm not disagreeing with Mode and to his point, no matter whether you use spring washers or nylocks on the firewall, be sure to check them occasionally because of the wood compressing. I usually wick some thin CA into the firewall holes to try to minimize the compression.

Motorcycles mfg's use a lot of loctite, modern sportbike have a high frequency vibration that will loosen things you'd never think would come loose. We use a lot of safety wire on racebikes to keep stuff in place.
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I use to be an avionics tech for allied signal/king radio and we used loctite and the assemblers used it extensively.
As far as motorcycles go, try riding an ole pan head and see how many bolts loosen up on that big vibrator.
I didn't use but a tiny drop on my DLE 30's stand off and after a winter season I was doing a flatspin and the motor died. I did manage to land it. upon examination there was only 1 bolt holding my engine on.
I also know alot of A an P mechanics that use thread locker and it is mentioned on many an ECO to use.
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