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Default Dle 111cc vibrating

Hello all of my Rc friends just wanted to ask you a question I maidens my new 100cc the other day and noticed that when I start the engine and when I idle it then the engine vibrates alot and then when I start flying then the engine does not vibrate alot..tell me is this normal..its a brand new engine. Thanks my friends.
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Could be, they do vibrate some. Have you taken all steps to mitigate it by balancing the prop and spinner?
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Assuming this is a new engine with no bent prop shaft and prop/spinner balanced, richer idle setting will tend to vibrate more than when tuned for proper idle.
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Capt. Roll
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I think red_z06 nailed it.....especially since this is a new engine. Have you tuned the engine or are the L and H needles still set in their "out of the box" positions? Chances are if you lean the L needle 1/8 turn you'll see a improvement in the low idle smoothness.
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futile flight
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Here’s a simple way to fix the tune of the engine

get someone to help you take off the cowl.. Get a tuning screw driver with access to the needles get a teach.

run the plane up to full throttle turn the high needle right until it sag's on RMP'S then turn it back lean until it sags again .. then go to the half-way point of those two points..

Low end.. Use the Teach run the engine down, to 3000 rmp or whatever RPM you KNOW that the engine is running on the low end side of the carb ..

And repeat same process pick a steed RMP richen the low end needle until it sags.. Then lean it back to sags and pick the point in the middle of those to points

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1. Tune the L a little, If he vibration is lowered by leaning the L needle, then rich it back, and fly.
2. dump the gas to your car. Find a better gas station, and fuel up with some fresh gas.
3. Change the gas mix. Redline or Motul are good brands.

DLE are factory tuned with Chinese gas. So when they are shipped to the states, and start running with some better gas. the engine will operate better. For sometime, the gas is bad, makes the compression too high and engine vibrates higher. When the engine is idling, the vibration is obvious, but when the engine runs high, the vibration is hard to notice.

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