Sitewide ad (450x110)

Sitewide banner ads are shown in twin header positions throughout all site pages. They are 450x110 pixels in size. (100KB max file size)

$250 / month

Forum ad (950x110)

Looking for more exposure? Add a forum ad to your sitewide ad campaign.

Forum banner ads are shown in the forum pages (threads and forums). They are 950x110 pixels in size. (100KB max file size)

$350 / month

MOAB (950x35)

Want to realize maximize your campaign's impact? Add a "Mother of All Banners" to the top of the site. Your campaign must already have at least one sitewide ad and one forum ad to qualify for a moab.

MOAB banners are shown on all site pages, in the top header position directly under the navigation bar. They are 950x35 pixels in size. (100KB max file size)

$500 / month

Leading Edge ad (650x110)

Leading Edge banner ads are shown on the homepage directly above the Leading Edge article. They are 650x110 pixels in size. (100KB max file size)

Normal price is $350 a month. For November and December add this banner to your existing campaign for only $250 a month!

$250 / month

If needed we have staff that can help your company design a web banner that will attract attention!

Banner advertising is only a small portion of what we have to offer. FlyingGiants has numerous areas where we can help your business succeed! As a customer, you will have full access into our reporting portal to view and track results from campaigns, and sales goals. The FlyingGiants is the hottest site on the net for the modeler, and we're glad to have you be a part of it!

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  • GIF
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  • Flash (SWF)

Not supported:

  • pop-ups
  • pop-unders
  • html and javascript ads

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