FlyingGiants Product Perspectives!

Rules for posting reviews - Please Read!

The FlyingGiants Product Perspectives section is a place for manufacturers and members to provide information, and experiences about a given product. Members may post their experiences with a given product. We're building a comprehensive database of modeling products that will benefit our community as a whole.

We do have only a few groundrules, and we run things a little diffrent here at The Giants.

- No product bashing. This is not a product battlefield, and all posts made in this section will be closely moderated. If you have a beef with a manufacturer, please take up your issue directly with them. That is not the purpose of this service.
- Post your thoughts, be concise, and most of all, be honest!
- Be respectful at all costs. Generalized statements similar to “All of company ZXY products are junk,” will be removed. An example of a good element of a review: “When going over the wings, the covering was not sealed well were the pattern overlapped,”. Conversly, comments like “The covering sucked." will be removed.
- Be truthful. This is a resource for our members researching products for purchase. Tell us what you actually thought of the product. List the good, and not so good features.

Members: Got a new product you've used, want to show off, or feel would add to our Perspectives page? Upload it today! It's a piece of cake, and directions are below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Manufacturers: Please feel free to upload your product. When uploading, please provide as much information you have about product features, and pricing. You may upload as many products as you like, but please follow our policy on unsolicited manufacturer advertising within any area of our community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything herein, please contact us.

Posting Product Perspectives - A Guided Tour
First check and make sure that the product is not already listed.

On the menu click on Post Perspective.

On the next page pick the category for the product. You can click on the arrow to open the list. Click Submit.

List the product Manufacturer and Product Model Name.

Post at least one photo of the product. You will have to have the photo file on your computer. The photo can be one that you took or downloaded from the net. To add the photo file click on Browse…Then find the file to upload. Do this for each photo you want to upload.

Enter some keywords (optional) to help others find the product when doing a search.

Enter the product description. Give a short description of the product and list the specs.

Finally add the Manufacturers website.

Then click Upload/Submit. You will see screen saying that your Post or edit was successful.

You will then be taken to the item’s Perspective page.

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