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Where can I buy tail wheel control springs?
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Hello Everyone

Make sure to check out www.originalhobbies.com and go under are gears and accessories tab click on STAINLESS STEAL AXLES we have them in many different sizes.

High quality
Easy to install
Low Price
Low shipping Cost

Thank You

Original Hobbies Team

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Good times in the hot autumn days in Vesteraalen, Norway. Foto: Torgeir Sørensen
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My good friend let me fly his 92" Edge and I have to say it is a great flying airplane. Very stable and strong airplane.

3DHS 92" Edge 540 (8 min 24 sec)

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IFLY was nice enough to let me try out his new big edge. Got a few minutes of the flight on video. Very nice airplane!

PAU 43% Edge 540 (3 min 56 sec)

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Finally a good video of my Sundowner F1. It has a DLE 61 packed in the nose so its makes the aircraft really fun! It breaks everytime I fly it but I'm glad I got some good video.

Hangar 9 Sundowner F1 (6 min 5 sec)

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Hello everyone my online RC SHOP IS up and running make sure to visit us at www.originalhobbies.com and check out are great deals on Fuel Dots, Crystal Clear CNC gas tanks and more.
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I need to download a DA 70 Engine mounting template. can anyone help me find one please....This is my first gaser and I am having a hard time finding that template?
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There's a password - "RC"


Taken with a Gopro on Multiplex Easystar. Shame the air was a little bumpy, but we managed to get the aircraft in frame every time and to (very nearly) stick to the safety brief.

I got some really good "flyover" shots that Im saving for my year end video edit
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Just purchased giant stick (tail dragged)
I would like to convert to tricycle landing gear.
Can anyone give me an idea how far back from the CG I should place the main gear?
Is there a general rule?

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Got a little video last night of some night flying on the foamies. Hanging out at the field with about 1,000 mosquitoes... Bring your Off spray if you wanna hang out with us... LOL

Here's the Big Beaver and the Crack Pitts getting a little stick time...

Twisted Night Flights August 2015 (3 min 29 sec)

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1st U.S. R/C Flight School instructor launches Scott Airshows (full-scale). Building on his 25+ years as a professional R/C aerobatic instructor and demo pilot, Dave Scott has developed a one-of-a-kind full-scale airshow performance featuring continuous action, crisp precision, and constant variety, to produce an airshow routine that blows the doors off the usual barrage of tumbling and stock maneuvers seen at most airshows. Go to www.scottairshows.com to learn more and watch flying video.
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A little vid from last weekend's IMAC contest in PG County, MD. Some shots from the DJI P3. Fun event, hot weather and good times!

PGRC AN IMAC EVENING (3 min 44 sec)

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Hello everyone, I am building a giant scale P-40 based on a Ziroli plan. I will post pictures for anyone interested in the process. I have modified some parts of the original plans to make it more "scale" accurate. I have added the trims on the rudder and elevator and added the "metal" cover on front of the stabilizer as well as the baggage' door, visor, wing antenna, under wing access trap, etc…
I also plan to convert it to electric with a sound system including real P40 sound engine and 2 smoke systems - one dynamically linked to the throttle to recreate the smoke from the exhausts and one under the fuselage for "show".
Another added modification will be the motorized cockpit and the extra drop fuel tank under the wing.
3 high intensity orange LEDs will be added inside the .50 calibers machine guns and synchronized with sound system.
Many other details like rivets, paneling, airbrushing techniques, etc will be described too.
I will do my best to describe each process and add pictures that can help anyone wanting to add these features to their own model. I hope you will have as much fun as I do building my giant models from scratch.
Thanks for joining. Please don't hesitate to ask questions/comments.
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After (and before) .......

Dramatic moment a replica Spitfire lands without undercarriage (0 min 57 sec)

Spitfire at Sibson V4 (4 min 18 sec)

A real shame, I know it's not "real" but it did look lovely in the air.
Posted by cherrybomb48 | 07-19-2015 @ 11:12 PM | 12,291 Views
Video from todays flying.

AeroWorks 60cc Extra 260 Freestyle (10 min 18 sec)

Posted by rolling circle | 07-19-2015 @ 12:12 AM | 13,208 Views

Funnest foamy ever!!!

The Big Beaver Episode 2 (4 min 13 sec)