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Posted by gareth.ky | 09-24-2012 @ 11:48 PM | 19,796 Views
I discovered the trick to applying Ultracoat over itself by accident. I was doing a repair and I had the iron temp set very low. The temp knob on my iron is covered up by the rag I'm using as a sock so I couldn't see the dial. At this very low temperature you can lay ultracoat down over itself, bubble free, at a pretty rapid pace. It seems to work equally well over sheeted and un-sheeted surfaces. You have to move the iron rather quickly in a kind of swirling motion and work your way across the surface in a methodical way.

Compared to the windex method this is slightly more labour intensive but you will be done long before the windex dries so it's faster.

I dont know what the magical temperature is (edit: it's about 210F measured through a sock). In later experiments I found that if you are getting bubbles it's a sure sign that the iron is too hot. My theory is that a hot iron heats up the covering to the sticking point that it is not directly pressing down on. So the covering sticks and forms air bubbles. With a cool iron, the covering doesn't get hot enough to stick unless it's directly under the iron. That lets you press all of the air out and get a nice bubble free result.

This is certainly a skill/technique thing but then covering is all about skill and technique.