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Posted by BillG1 | 03-26-2018 @ 10:17 AM | 10,395 Views
After retiring my Aeroworks Yak 54 airframe to another collapsed LG , and while waiting for the made-to-order JTEC muffler for my AJ ARS300 project to arrive (was sent the wrong one initially), I decided to start on a slightly smaller build. I started assembling a Goldwing Yak55M for a new DA-35 I acquired. I am anxious to get a reliable gasser in the air, and enjoy the long flight times!

The price of a Goldwing ARF, and the low shipping cost, made it too good to pass up. I would normally avoid such a low-priced ARF due to quality concerns, but a friend at the field I fly at put one together and it is a very nice flyer! I've not seen any build threads on one, so I thought I'd do a brief assembly review.

The ARF ships in a honeycomb cardboard box with the 6 sides held together with glue and packing tape. Simple, strong, low-cost, and effective. No shipping damage whatsoever.

The covering quality seems quite good-just minor small wrinkles here and there; easily heat-gunned out. The hardware seems on par as well. Perhaps the tailwheel will be the only item I replace; I like a tiller steering vs. a spring to the rudder as supplied.

The build is very straightforward, with the spilt elevator joiner being the only challenging procedure so far. One has the option of dual elevator servos (too heavy, weight too far back in my opinion), or cutting the leading edge of the elevators for a beefy hardwood joiner (included). The joiner has to be installed after one side of the elevator is installed, before the second side is hinged and installed. All while coated with epoxy... a bit challenging, but doable with prior careful fitting to ensure everything will line up perfectly .

I'm using ProModeler coreless servos. 305 oz-in for surfaces, 110 oz-in for throttle. Beautiful anodizing on the heatsink center section, loctite patch on the horn screw, allen head drive on the mounting screws, serrations under the built-in washer head on the mounting screws. Six screws for gear case top cover. Nice engineering details.
Flying surface servos installed and trimmed with no issues. Centering is great. They seem fast and strong on a 2S LiFe; can't wait to fly them!

More to come....
Posted by BillG1 | 03-16-2018 @ 09:25 AM | 10,324 Views
Been flying large RC Helis for the past 8 years or so. Belonged to a great club in SoCal that had a large group of 3D Heli pilots. Have a 3D foamie that I played with from time to time.

I've now moved into retirement in a new community where the local club only has a couple of small heli pilots (non-3D). So, being in Rome... I've become proficient in airplanes again, with a variety of 3D balsa ARFs (e-power aerobatic & 3D).

Now moving into gassers, I acquired a used Aeroworks 50cc Yak 54. I'm learning the flight differences with these much heavier models. I've knocked the gear out on a dead stick (rough field), but have been able to neatly rebuild it, so that it's barely even noticeable that it's been repaired.

While I continue to learn on the Yak, I'm building an AJ ARS 300 MkII. I hope to build it light- 17 lbs. max is my target. Some pics below.

I've learned a lot reading through the forums on FG, I hope to be able to also contribute as I build up experience. Thanks for reading.