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Posted by louu | 05-13-2013 @ 06:56 PM | 8,680 Views
Whats up everyone.
I'm going on an adventure.
Leaving in a couple hours from New Jersey and heading down to the greates RC event in the world, the Joe Nall in SC.
I'm bringing my custom trailer, my Chevy Silverado, my 37% EG MX2 and my Yamaha R6.
The plan it to go to the Nall till about saturday.
Then find a place to leave the truck and trailer, hop on the bike with my little tent and back pack with some clothing and head south. I want to go as far south as the roads will take me. I'm going to try to post my progress on here with pictures. I have no time limit so I'm just going to enjoy it.
Posted by louu | 05-29-2012 @ 01:54 AM | 14,613 Views
Had a great day of flying today.
Did some awesome, perfectly straight slow rolls right down the runway about ten feet up.
The best part of todays flights was I finally figured out the knife edge spin thing.
I just start off in a hammer head/stall turn (what ever its called) and when the plane is sideways, just give full oppisite rudder,full down elevader and 3/4 go juice.
It comes down fast and is a little scary, like am I gona be able to pull out of this but its super easy.

Added a new one to my bag of tricks...