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Posted by Trixie | 12-26-2012 @ 12:52 AM | 17,274 Views
Finally got a chance to drop in and say hi to everyone. I bet $10 that everyone has forgotten me by now it's been so long!

I haven't touched the sticks in a while because I've been really busy with friends, work, family, etc. but I still fly. I just don't use the internet often anymore since I'm out and about every day and night but it's a holiday break and I've been catching up.

I might or might not show up at the Nall this year.. I hope I can but the chances are mehhh. I'll bring the 126" if I come and the 88 edge and possibly my mini taylorcraft. :P

I haven't quit the hobby that's for sure!


Ta ta for now

Your quasi-buddy Trixie
Posted by Trixie | 07-28-2012 @ 09:57 PM | 20,646 Views
I absolutely love Lucy. Yes, her name is Lucy. Like in Charlie Brown!


And Zandor's flying