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Posted by Brutimus | 01-11-2013 @ 04:59 PM | 8,983 Views
Many of you know that with Aeroworks stepping up and sponsoring the FG Huckfest tour, they are planning on hosting the "Main" FG Huckfest here in Colorado. I want it to be known that I am very happy, and proud that Aeroworks is finally going to get some of the recognition it so richly deserves headlining the Huckfest tour.

Many people have approached me, very excited that the Throwdown has somehow combined with the FG Huckfest tour, and has garnered the attention and recognition that it rightfully deserves, and will be the biggest one ever. Sadly, this is not true. While Aeroworks has always been the Title sponsor of the Rocky Mountain 3D Throwdown, the FG Huckfest is an entirely separate chain of events, and is in NO way related to, or supporting of the grass roots Rocky Mountain 3D Throwdown.

I am hoping to move the 2013 RM3DT to the Longmont or LAMA club field sometime in June, pending approval from their board.

Please remember the Rocky Mountain 3D Throwdown while planning this years event schedule, and remember who's been representing in Colorado!

Oh- and I will be at the Huckfest as a pilot only! I'm actually looking forward to being able to just show up and fly at a 3D event! Plus, they are probably having it 20 minutes from my house- Can you say party?