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Posted by Huckin Chuck | 01-08-2013 @ 09:33 PM | 12,942 Views
So I was taking out the trash on this chilly, dark night, and I look up and I see a massive amount of stars and some planes blinking away in the night. I finish with the trash and then just sit in the driveway and watch the planes fly 38,000 feet over my head. I pulled out my phone and looked at flight aware and saw that one of the planes was coming from Iceland. I saw a Delta 777-200LR in the distance what was going to Johannesburg. I also saw two planes cross paths head on right over me. From my perspective, they were hitting each other head on, and according to Flight Aware, they were pretty close actually.
I must have sat out there for 20 minutes, and then I saw a very bright object moving really fast right towards me. A split second later I realized that it was a shooting star, which whizzed over my head.

Really neat experience. Bored? Go outside and just look up