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Posted by 3D-Seth | 12-07-2007 @ 06:32 PM | 14,283 Views
Flew my third prototype of my design today. Didnt get to fly it indoors, but will hopefully be able to tomorrow night at the golf dome in Columbus (I think the fly-in is tomorrow night - correct me if I'm wrong).

Was light winds 1-2 mph and everything went well. This one weighs in at 5.75 oz with the battery (a little disappointing, but weight could've been saved more in certain places). This one had its CG further back than the others as well.

Flew super slow and had some small coupling. Rolls are crisp and stop when you want them too. Snaps are snappy (faster than a normal F3P bipe like the Vrolet) which is good for my liking. Counterbalances on the inner part of the ailerons create a good bit of drag, so when deflected they slow the plane down a good bit.

After five flights with my 2 cell 350 packs, I added my drag plates and put 3 more flights on it with me 2 cell 480s. SSSSUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRRR SSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW now! Absolutely the slowest flying plane that I've flown! I could do 1 1/2 rolls on a downline at around a gym ceiling height, and have a line on either side of the roll .

4th Prototype will have:

-1" Longer fuse
-Try to fix the coupling problem (either fuse area or rudder changes)
-pull-pull on rudder/elevator
-smaller carbon bracing in wings (.030" in wings, .020" on tail - IF I CAN FIND SOME - Any place to get this?)
-counter balance on tip of ailerons (more aileron authority when flying slow)

Any tips on fixing the coupling?