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Posted by frankle951 | 03-31-2011 @ 08:29 AM | 11,635 Views
Well its going to be 47 today and cloudy, the REDS play the Brewer today, but Im heading to the air field today, had my new QQ Yak-54 with the Hobby King 30cc gas engine in it out the other day, Man that engine has a lot of power, it will hover at half throttle, and that was on the second flight, and the engine is not broke in yet, very happy with it, still mad that my 40% Robert Godfrey parts are still at the paint shop, been there for about a month now, getting tried of waiting !!!!!!, Need my baby back in the air, Im also still working on my new 33% Great Planes Extra 330 with the DL100cc twin gas engine plane, had it at the field, running the engine, not much left to do on it . then I sold my motorcycle a month ago, now I can use my enclosed 14X7 trailer for planes now, plans is to put a work bench and hanger for planes, my wife will love me for this, my planes are all over the house right now, there are is a much of fun fly coming up this year, hope make a much of them, if you are in less than 50 mile and your flying club is having a fun fly or a 100 miles let me know, Thanks Happy Flying