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Posted by tailskid2 | 03-23-2013 @ 10:16 PM | 13,130 Views
For some strange reason, the wife said I have too many airplanes....but I said she has too many dresses and things went downhill fast....I hope to recover sometime in the 21st Century...seriously, I am slowly thinning the fleet because I am letting more and more newbies fly my planes Planted a nice 'trainer' (World Model's Sport Wing 90) by letting a newbie get too low and of course dumb thumbs can put even the Doghouse into the ground...oh well, I keep working on new planes

Fixed up a Butterfly for the club trainer - now what a trainer that bird is....even newbies can avoid the ground with that one

This retired life isn't so bad....I get to fly 3-4 times a week, sleep in on other days and build as much as I want....now that the Garage is clean Well part of it anyway >g>.