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Posted by funboy | 05-10-2014 @ 10:52 PM | 23,348 Views
Aerial Video - 2012 Rocky Mountain 3D Throwdown, by Got Aerial llc. www.gotaerial.com (4 min 52 sec)

This years Throwdown will be the only giant scale and electric 3D event in Colorado. It's a great event, and we have a great bunch of guys to fly with every year! Plus, we happen to be flying the summer solstice, so we get to fly the 3 longest days of the year!

June 20th-22nd

LAMA field http://www.lamarcclub.com/pls/apex/f?p=RC:HOME:0

There are some changes this year- due to the incredible amount of time and energy it takes to put together "the big show" I decided NOT to get sponsors this year, have models, or any music at the event this year. But what we will have is 72 straight hours of flying and camaraderie for the rabid 3D enthusiast, or at least have a passion for 3D flying!

Giant scale and electric 3D Flying at its finest! Come join the fun, we will have an open flight line for you, and your spotter day and night!

We have activities such as; Hover Bowling, Mass Foamy Launch, and the Cub Swarm.

* Three days of no-holds-barred hucking and throwing down!
* Overnight dry camping (recommended)
* Camp party/ smack talk session
* Night airplane bowling hosted by the Dacono Rebels
* Night flying
* Cub Swarm! Bring your Cub, you will be sorry if you don't!
* Some T-shirts and stickers will be available
* Camaraderie, fellowship, and some very talented pilots!

$30 event registration includes the BEST 3D flying in Colorado!


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Hobby Town USA

Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/319586104742253/
Posted by funboy | 05-29-2012 @ 06:01 PM | 23,610 Views
My passion for model airplanes knows no bounds- I have been flying since I was 11 years old when we launched my first Gentle Lady polyhedral glider. I was hooked. I have always loved and been around general aviation, especially when I was a kid. My father and uncle built a Rutan Dragonfly in the garage when I was very young, and will always love the smell of polyester resin! They later built an RV-6 that we flew until just a few years ago when it was sold. N151DF was the registration number, and I always loved the "151 Delta Foxtrot turning left downwind runway 11- Longmont" when we communicated with local traffic.

I have been involved in glow pattern, electric, slope, thermal duration, giant scale gas, IMAC, warbirds, scale, and 3D flying. Aerobatics are my real passion- but I love just about anything with wings. I have about 1,500+ hours of RC flight time when you count simulator time. I am a trim carpenter by trade, and I sometimes build airplanes for fellow modelers to supplement my own hobby.

I also promote the Rocky Mountain 3D Throwdown. Every year we have more fantastic pilots attending, and I spend months preparing for each event. This year we have professionally made graphics, stickers, and T-shirts will be available. Here is our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/319586104742253/

I have another flight log, but the demographics of my "home" site have been changing. The guys I "came up with" have mostly faded away, and no longer post there. The rest are mid-westerners - nice guys, but my exposure there is limited. East Coast guys have better things to do then pay attention to "The Colorado thread" as others have called it. I have well over 100 pages of posts, and lots of pictures. Here is the link http://www.teamflyingcircus.com/foru...-log-vii-1266/ It's nice to see TFC links are allowed here now- it wasn't always so.

I decided to create a new flight log over here- As I continue flying, building, and promoting this thread will grow.

Here are a few choice pics from my adventures to date: