Posted by ptman | 08-17-2009 @ 03:54 PM | 3,505 Views
I have a 57 mt and just trying to find out what type of plug everybody is running in this engine, It has a BPM7Y in it now and looking for a resistor type plug. Thanks
Posted by Gas Flyer | 08-16-2009 @ 01:05 PM | 2,098 Views
Big A THANK'S for all the help. Gas Flyer.
Posted by Case Groot | 08-11-2009 @ 03:06 AM | 4,265 Views
Can some one tell me the position the prop should be relative to TDC for the DLE55 ENGINE, need to drill the holes for prop but want to make sure it is in the correct position for hand starting, thanks.
Posted by avalenzuela | 08-10-2009 @ 05:56 AM | 2,864 Views

I have a SEAGULL YAK 54 90 with an OS-120 SURPASS 4 Stroke and I want to change from GLO to GAS.

A friend recommended me the SAITO 20cc or the EVOLUTION 26cc.

Could you recomend me if I can change with this airplane and what is the correct engine.

Than you
Posted by naldin | 08-04-2009 @ 10:37 PM | 3,508 Views
I trainning roll of all kinds. Roll, Rolling Harrier(Slat), Loop Roll, etc... I´m starting get the way.

<object height="342" width="456">

<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=5945986&server=vimeo.com&sho w_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=ff99 33&fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" height="342" width="456"></object>
Posted by naldin | 08-03-2009 @ 10:33 PM | 3,239 Views
In July 25 happened on the Brumadinho-MG city one competition RC aircraft, the step was:

-Landing in the square
-More number of little landing in the one minute
-Passage under strip

We were there. The day was great, with funny and good conversations. Under a some photos, and the cool video in the passage under strip, where the pilot passed inverted and the resulted a total of 23 competitors.


1º Place - Cleuber
2º Place - Guto
3º Place - Sérgio Finelli

<object height="344" width="425">

<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/dv8NG_4mcUE&hl=pt-br&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="344" width="425"></object>
Posted by naldin | 07-29-2009 @ 11:11 PM | 3,528 Views
My friends are a each day more proffissional with airbrush, below some beatiful photos:
Posted by tele1974 | 07-26-2009 @ 06:13 AM | 5,622 Views
I am off to the field this morning. Not a cloud in the sky. Mission - work on the burble and dial in rates.
Posted by jaccojenkins | 07-26-2009 @ 05:37 AM | 2,546 Views
I have an aeroworks 120 yak on the way to me and i have a saito 150s dual plug motor with a fuel "pump" system that came off a cap 232 x that i recently crashed. Is that going to be enough motor for the aw 120 yak? Anyone out there have any insight?
Posted by nicole | 07-16-2009 @ 09:03 PM | 2,207 Views
i have a cap 232 27%..i have put in the rear all futaba 3010 s.and on the wing 3305 servois..im running into a problem..when i connect evrything in to my airtronics 2.4 reciever everything works fine..just the wing is giving me a problem..the right side is not working.its moving very slow and not responding to my input.when i disconect the servos from y harness and plug one in at a time into the terminal to test if they work it works fine ..but when i try to mix them or connect them into a y harness they dont work..i have changed my reciever to a new one..i have chnged the y harness to a new one..still nothing.now i plug in some cheap servos into the reciever with a y harness they work..i dont want to fly this thing with cheap low torque servos...help
Posted by naldin | 07-13-2009 @ 08:13 PM | 3,406 Views
My friend Siomar making torque roll in Manaus-AM - Brazil.

Yak 54 - DA-50

<object width="456" height="342"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=4250431&amp;server=vimeo.com &amp;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portr ait=0&amp;color=ff9933&amp;fullscreen=1" /><embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=4250431&amp;server=vimeo.com &amp;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portr ait=0&amp;color=ff9933&amp;fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="456" height="342"></embed></object>
Posted by naldin | 07-09-2009 @ 11:15 PM | 3,358 Views
The first test of night flights, in the complete dark. We just used 3 high density led´s, Bila didn´t see anything, but had to understanding. In the next we will be use Glow Wire.
Posted by toby2 | 07-07-2009 @ 11:08 AM | 2,315 Views
Two add told me to come to this web page for info on the huckfest so where is that info? in the ama mag it says there is a huckfest on july 31 in woodstock ct and in gardner ma, how does one find out more on them thanks
Posted by moki 2 10 | 07-06-2009 @ 06:48 PM | 4,002 Views
Is the VERY small fuel nipple on the carb correct? I have seen .049s with bigger ones.
Posted by naldin | 07-05-2009 @ 09:31 AM | 3,138 Views
These videos are the day 06-28-2009, in the first my friend Bila trainning torque roll, in the second I flying the Yak 55M.

<object width="456" height="342"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=5456785&amp;server=vimeo.com &amp;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portr ait=0&amp;color=ff9933&amp;fullscreen=1" /><embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=5456785&amp;server=vimeo.com &amp;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portr ait=0&amp;color=ff9933&amp;fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="456" height="342"></embed></object>

<object width="456" height="342"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=5456154&amp;server=vimeo.com &amp;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portr ait=0&amp;color=ff9933&amp;fullscreen=1" /><embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=5456154&amp;server=vimeo.com &amp;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portr ait=0&amp;color=ff9933&amp;fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="456" height="342"></embed></object>
Posted by naldin | 07-02-2009 @ 05:14 PM | 3,238 Views
In the last weekend(06-28-2009) Cristiano started in the RC Aircraft and we had moments of the good flights and funny.

More Photos HERE.
Posted by erwin peters | 07-01-2009 @ 08:52 PM | 3,381 Views
Hi, I have being running my bme 102 engine these two pass months. I have baffled the carb. Using 26-10 wood Xoar and getting about 6100rpm (sea level with 85 oct gas).and using lawn boy oil. I will switch to regular oil next week the engine is about 10-15 gallons old. I allready changed the inside carb filter.

The engine has being running ok except that every time I just inverted the plane it made “one cough" or quick intermittence, but just for one second and then it keeps run good in inverted flight. The engine is ok for hovering, or climbing, is just when I inverted the plane. I had The needless: Low 3/4 open and the High 1 1/4 Open.

I talked to Tom at BME and he suggested than the needless were to lean and to recalibrated them again but no to go further in for L 1 1/4 and the High 1 1/2. I calibrated the engine this Saturday ending with : L 1 1/8, and H 1 1/2. the engine improved, the inverted plane engine intermittence cough disappears.

Generally the engine runs ok but something that I keep having is that when flying, the low idle is ok but when I am flying slowly about 20-30% of throttle the engine burble.

What are your experience and what is your usually setting for the needless ?? are you at sea level?
When the plane is climbing and the engine makes one intermittence what this mean , what needle should I moved, in or out?

Thanks in advance for your time and opinions and tips.


Erwin Peters