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Posted by flyby744 | 11-06-2017 @ 09:20 PM | 5,254 Views
STOLEN MAMBA 70CC, Yes sad but true. I was at the best flyin of the year in Iron City Ga. the host Rusty is the best. But someone a Bad person or persons were there that left the event Sat morning between 5:45 am and 7 am. This is most likely the ones that [STOLE] it. So please keep a eye out for used mamba or da 70 for sale. If some one is selling a da 70 I have the eng#. I can also tell you about some repairs to look for on the Mamba.
please send me any info or if you see someone show up with a mamba they didn't have before. as you know there not any used ones on the market because they are so awesome! It was not even a large event and vary family friendly and if you were there you talk to every one at on time or another.. so please be looking for it and the people that STOLE IT because we all need to know who they are. we are in the best hobby and the best peoples. So sad there a couple of loser among us.

There are Two modelers offering $500.00 EACH REWARD to find and convictions of those involved. So keep looking!!!!!!!!! just send me leads. If they are found and convected with your lead you get $1000.00