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Posted by CSpaced | 02-24-2008 @ 10:56 PM | 13,208 Views
Well I've been waiting for an excuse to try out 2.4 on my airplanes and with the introduction of a second flight line at Joe Nall this year I now have my excuse .

I picked up the Spektrum module and AR9000 receiver for my 9303, and an additional remote receiver. I tucked one remote receiver way back in the tail of my 33% Edge, and the other remote receiver up on a mast that reaches straight up into the cockpit area.

The first thing I noticed, and the only complaint I have, is that I have to be real careful about laying the transmitter down with the Spektrum module in the back, as it sits on the antenna connector instead of the transmitter handle. My friends 10x doesn't seem to have this problem with the same setup as the handle sticks out further. I bound the receivers and set up my failsafe, and I made sure that my optical kill switch still performed the way it should. In fact it didn't perform at all when I first set it up. After much head scratching I realized that I had to do a "smart bind" to make it work.

Out at the field I range tested it, with and without the engine running. I literally ran to the opposite end of the field with the little button pressed down to see if there was any sign of a glitch. There were no problems. So with buttocks clenched I took to the skies, hoping I would see my baby on the ground again in one piece. It flew great, and after a succesful flight I brought her back down to the ground safely. Since then I've put a gallon of gas through this setup and its locked in solid.

I know several people who fly Spektrum, all without problems. I'm not sure what I was so worried about, I knew it would work, but there was just something about switching from something known and proven to something new and exciting that got the nerves going...