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Posted by CSpaced | 05-14-2011 @ 02:19 PM | 17,406 Views
So we spot Pete and the gang hanging out with some very expensive looking R/C boats at the float plane pond, and decide to check it out.

As we are watching them have some fun, I hear a small kid walk straight up to Pete, introduce himself, and ask if he can see the rudder and propeller on the boat. "Sure" says Pete, and lifts the "Blackjack" up so that the kid can see how it all works.

After watching them run the boats for a few minutes, I then hear the kid ask Pete if he can drive the boat. Without even thinking twice, Pete brings the kid over and lets him steer the boat while Pete controls the throttle, and proceeds to let the kid speed around the lake!

I don't know how long the kid had been at Joe Nall, but I'm sure he was told many times to "not touch", so I can pretty much guarantee that Pete made his day by letting him drive the boat!

Peter Goldsmith Makes a Kids Day (4 min 19 sec)