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Posted by CSpaced | 09-23-2011 @ 11:13 AM | 15,928 Views
I love my giant scale planes, I love my helicopters, but when a friend of mine offered me a small 2m sailplane kit to put togehter, I couldn't resist. This is an old Wanderer kit.

I built this over the course of about two weeks, and am surprised to find myself loving the way this thing soars through the air. At first I was thinking "how good could it be with only two servos?" - boy was I wrong. Catching that first thermal was breath taking, watching it climb higher and higher without any power. I flew it around for a little over half an hour without any motor inputs. Did I mention how graceful it is? It just slices through the air, calm, precise.

I never would have pegged myself as a sailplane person, but this thing has me hooked. The video below was shot with my cell phone one night when conditions were just perfect.

Wanderer Glider (3 min 30 sec)