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Posted by frankle951 | 10-19-2012 @ 06:32 PM | 11,838 Views
Well, Im up to two flights now, had to replace the landing gear on the right side, had a bad lean, when I receive the gear in the mail, I went to the field to replace it, seen that it was really in bad shape, here some pics.
Posted by frankle951 | 10-04-2012 @ 10:55 PM | 14,298 Views
Man, it flies, I love this Yak, well had a lot of trouble with it, the CG was tail heavy, so I move the engine forward, then the aileron wasn't working, found a servo extension plug in wrong, but the DA 150cc engine ran sweet.
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Posted by frankle951 | 10-03-2012 @ 11:33 PM | 13,886 Views
Well, I started back on the Big Yak monday, I have all the electronic installed, I've been up to 3 or 4 am working on this big bird, tomorrow Im going to the field with the Yak, test run the DA 150, I still need to work on the canopy, all the mounting tabs are missing, it should be a easy fix , but I will see, perfect weather here for tomorrow, if I get the canopy repaired, I will fly it tomorrow, I will check the CG before I fly it. Here are some pics.
Posted by frankle951 | 10-01-2012 @ 03:56 PM | 13,144 Views
Here a video of the w.o.r.k.s fun fly I was at this weekend.
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Posted by frankle951 | 09-22-2012 @ 08:58 PM | 13,886 Views
Well today I went to my local hobby shop and pickup my fuel tank, and while I was gone, I miss the postman on my other parts, now I got to wait until monday for them parts, I pull this Big ass Yak outside, to fit all the parts, after about an hour of work on the engine cowl, it fit nice, had to drill new holes for the wing plate, now the wings fit nicely, it seem like the closer I get the more I need to do, I order two Jr matchbox tonight, I think that's going to fix my issue with the servo in the wing for centering and end points, well here are some pics.
Posted by frankle951 | 09-22-2012 @ 07:53 AM | 12,577 Views
Man, I was hoping to don't used The Jr matchbox, but with Jr servo, that's the only way to adjust Jr servo, should had used all Hitec servo
Posted by frankle951 | 09-22-2012 @ 01:10 AM | 12,738 Views
Well, I have the servo installed on the main wings, don't know to much about Jr DS 8611 servo, can they be program ??, I still waiting on my CNC arm to come in, and my SWB rudder tray, Hamilton Hobbies, called today and said my 50cc fuel tank is in, I guess I will install it and run the fuel lines tomorrow, almost running out of thing to do, need my parts to come in, here some pics.
Posted by frankle951 | 09-21-2012 @ 07:51 AM | 12,958 Views
Well, the last two late nights, I was setting up my servo on the stab, I have a Hitec HFP-10 digital servo programmer, it's Sweet !!!!, I change the rotation of the two right servo and end points, well that's done, I order a SWB servo tray for the rudder, more parts to wait for, well, I will start on the main wing tonight, here are some pics.
Posted by frankle951 | 09-17-2012 @ 11:02 PM | 13,716 Views
Well, after spending over $1000.00 on small parts, like 12 servo, wing tube, servo extension, heavy duty ball links, turnbuckle, and other thing, well tonight I install the wheels, and the 4 Hitec HS-5945MG in the stab, will install the tail wheel and the 6 DS-8611 servo in the main wing, plus the 2 Hitec HS-5955TG for the rudder, still waiting on about 5 item to hit my mailbox, here a few pics. , still looking to maiden this bird by the end of the month
Posted by frankle951 | 08-21-2012 @ 11:02 AM | 20,373 Views
Well, just heard from Jim M., the club member that's rebuilding my right wing, he sent me a update on the wings, he did do some small repairs on the left wing to, here are the pics he sent me.
Posted by frankle951 | 08-01-2012 @ 11:59 AM | 15,449 Views
Well, early this year, back in march, about 7 of us went down to the Biggest swap meet on the east coast, in Perry, GA., 1100 table, my first time, I pickup a aeroworks 42% Yak-54, it needed some work, the right wing has damage, and missing the engine cowl, the rest is nice, I pickup other planes, but sold them, so this Yak-54, is going to be my next project, well called AeroWorks, and order a cowl last week, hope to see it this week, I place a ad, for a nice right wing for it, well, two guys got back with me, both have a set of wings and the right color scheme, waiting on pictures, from both guys, you can check out some pics, will show progress on this big bird
Posted by frankle951 | 12-20-2011 @ 07:28 AM | 18,010 Views
Well the weather has been nice for Dec., Im at 467 flights now, for the year, was trying for 500 flights, hoping to get more in before the year ends, flying that many times has it's issue of crashing, I've counted about 4 planes, that went end, but all are repairable, nice winter project, well there the BIG swap meet coming up in Perry, GA., hoping to find a Turbine Jet, yes I think Im ready for a turbine, I think, may change my mind on that ideal, well I hope ypu guys had as much fun as I did this past summer, going to hit more fun fly next year and meet more friends, remember put God first !!!!!
Posted by frankle951 | 10-26-2011 @ 08:37 AM | 28,056 Views
Well its been a couple of months since I pickup QQ Yak 54, man this yak rock's, I have about 10 flights on it, the DL 100cc gas engine has more power then it needs, hover at about 1/4 throttle, the HS 5645MG are working just find, I've have then in two 33% and two 35% planes, and about 60 flights total, now Im looking for my next plane ????
Posted by frankle951 | 10-11-2011 @ 07:56 AM | 17,380 Views
Well the fall weather is here, I have about 3 planes to rebuild this winter, I've started on one, with is my 33% Great Planes Extra 300 XL, its about finish, just need to cover it, then there is the 33% TOC Yak 54, I've started on it, still rebuilding the engine box, and we have the 40% godfrey, still waiting on the parts for it to come in, I will up load pics later, well happy flying, going to get my winter planes out, one has ski and the other has floats, I know the snow is around the corner
Posted by frankle951 | 09-22-2011 @ 08:59 PM | 15,564 Views
Man I love the Hanger 9 funtana, one of the best flying plane hanger 9 has, I've had 3 funtana in the past, just pick this one up at a fun fly, I installed a SPE 26cc gas engine, man this plane rocks !!!!!
Posted by frankle951 | 09-17-2011 @ 06:43 AM | 18,570 Views
Man just got a killer deal on a 35% QQ Yak form a IMAC buddy cheese, very nice condition, I have a DL 100cc Im going to put on it, maybe go with HS 5645MG servo, will post more pics when its finish, new big bird in my fleet !!!!!!!
Posted by frankle951 | 07-18-2011 @ 04:17 PM | 23,056 Views
Well its hot, but love it, Im at 276 flights for the year, not going to make the 1000 flight in one year like I hope, but I added a new 35% Hurley Extra 300 to my fleet of Big bird, it has a DZY 100cc, HS 5645, AR7000, real nice bird, well back to flying.