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Posted by HornDogg | 01-09-2015 @ 01:12 PM | 11,450 Views
I will fly anything that moves if given the chance! But I was curious.. Seen a few RC heli guys around here but anyone flying Giant Scale Helis here? Turbine powered? Would love to network on some things. I have a "bucket list" project that will take years. But I would love to approach it with knowledge versus ambition!
Posted by HornDogg | 01-03-2015 @ 12:26 PM | 11,842 Views
I'm pretty new here but a few may know me from other sites as well as what I do. But I LOVE flying. Live for it and breathe it! It was over 13 years from the first time I tried it until I finally actually learned to fly and have been doing it for over 6 years now. Helis challenged me to learn and be better but I fly it all. Planes, Helis, multirotors... giant scale, performance and 3D. Doesn't matter. Which leads me to my question.

Roughly over 20 years from where I started to where I am now. How much farther could I have been as a pilot if it was a SOLID 20 years of flying? How much more would I know? What if someone that had that level of experience had been available to help me be a better pilot? Giant scale itself is a fairly unique niche given the expense and size but it wasn't too long ago RC flight in general was the same. Not many could get as invested as we are today. So when we come across new pilots or people that have a potential interest in flying, do we offer assistance? Make recommendations? Teach them the proper inspections for their aircraft or buddy box them until they are proficient? I enjoy working with kids. And the reactions and excitement they show when they finally master a concept or "get it right". What better way to create a generation of safe, responsible pilots that can teach their peers? Are we making ourselves available to new/ budding pilots or are we isolating ourselves as exclusive instead of inclusive? Which one helps the hobby long term?

Just food for thought for the new flying year. Hopefully I will get to meet many of you at a few events this year! Have fun and help somebody else enjoy this hobby we love so much! -HD
Posted by HornDogg | 01-01-2015 @ 06:06 PM | 10,231 Views
Working in Africa for months hasn't been all fun.. nor should it be. But MAN I MISS FLYING! Two new planes waiting on me to play with... and one is my FIRST gasser. 100cc. Been flying electrics for 6 years. And a nitro for about 2 months before I deployed. But I got a hot date with an Extra 300. But AFTER I get her new home ready. A quick tropical vacation to shake off the work mode and missed holidays and then back to the flying grind. Winter won't hold me back!