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Posted by Dan767 | 01-31-2012 @ 03:42 PM | 17,364 Views
A few years ago I was mirred in a slump with my job. I was content, or so I thought doing the same thing over and over again. My son then 19, was in a drum contest with the winner going to southern California in further competiton. The age range of the participants was wide, from about 17 years old to drummers in their mid 50's. After hearing the "Older guys" play, my son said to his friend that the old guys play one thing, and play it well. They just can't play anything else. Ouch!. Then I thought about my job. I'm a pilot and can choose to fly domestic or international and had been flying strictly domestic. In particular one route over and over again. My sons words echoed in my ears. Time to make some changes in my job and in my life. I started flying to Asia and decided I actually liked it. Something I said I would never do.

Now, what about our hobby? What are YOU doing? Moving forward or staying behind, doing the same thing over and over again. Giving newer equipment a try or sticking with the old standby? Different servos? Different flying style, maybe even (horrors!) a warbird or ducted fan. When you get to the field, still setting up in the same spot with the same guys flying the same routine every time. Why not reach out to the "other guys" on the opposite side of the flight line. I'm guilty of all of these things. I saw a good friend of mine talking to one of the "other end of the flight line" guys and it really surprised me. Next time out to the field, I introduce myself to the "other end guys". Come to find out they are not only really nice guys, but had been involved in hydroplane design and building. I had actually met one of them thirty years earlier when I needed some magnetos worked on. He had an engine shop and had been working on Rolls Royce Merlin engines for the hydro's.

Next thing for me to do as far as moving forward, is to update my 3m Comp-arf Extra 260. I originally installed Hitec 5955's on all the flying surfaces. I am really interested in the new Futaba brushless/high voltage servos along with sBus. I've read some of the threads, and looks like the Aussies are ahead of the game, and I want to see how this will work. Initially I will put them on my ailerons, as they are programmable like the 5955's I have now. The servos are installed on a piece of phenolic and are mounted in the wing with only one hinge point. I have not had any issues with the Hitec servos, but it's time to move forward and try something new. I will also be removing the voltage regulators and using BLS175HV servos along with a new R6208SB receiver. I know the servos are expnesive, but when I bought the Hitec's they weren't cheap either, almost $100 each five years ago. Maybe comparing 2007 dollars and 2012 dollars the prices would be similar, I really don't know.
It's time to try a new technology and move forward. Just like the jump most modelers made to 2.4ghz radios.

What will you be doing to move forward this year? Can you stretch and try something different? I think you can. Go ahead, give it a try. I believe you'll like it. Really.
Posted by Dan767 | 09-22-2011 @ 10:49 PM | 17,154 Views
Two days ago I called horizon Hobby product support about a well used E Flite 450 electric motor. I asked if it was cost effective to repair the motor or just buy a new one. Very nice gentleman said the only things that can be replaced are the prop shaft and the bearing. He advised me as a courtesy he would send me a new bearing. Cool I thought, get my little motor fixed and be good to go. A box came in the mail today, I set it aside for later. Opened up the box this evening, and there was a new motor! Wow! Thank you Horizon! Totally unexpected, now I feel the need to get on Horizons website and order something, just not sure what yet. Simply awesome.

Last wekend I attended the Wenatchee huckfest. I was really impressed with the incredible amount of preparation that went into the event. Very well organized, a nice modern facility (shower, Mens and Womens restrooms that were clean). Dry camping spots for the tents, hookups for campers, a full kitchen. Usually I'm waiting for a chance to fly with out a lot of other traffic. At a Huckfest, get your plane, get in line go fly. All very cool.
I do like flying IMAC. I haven't had a chance to compete this year. It's taught me a lot and I must say I'm a better flyer because of it. It was nice not to have to practice, have a spotter instead of a caller and not worry about scoring and unknowns. I'm looking forward to next years IMAC season and getting the into competeing again, as well as attending the next Wenatchee Huckfest.