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Posted by Ernie34 | 07-21-2011 @ 01:40 PM | 24,395 Views
My wife who is a crafty lil bugger decided to make me wing bags for my hyperion Extra 260 40e... She figured my big planes have them why not the little ones.

Posted by Ernie34 | 05-30-2011 @ 07:42 AM | 17,155 Views
Not many here on FG really know me but those who do know that for the last 10 years or so I have been using JR/Spektrum. Since I bought my JR8103 (Which I still have and use) I fell in love with JR. Before purchasing my 8103 I had strictly flown Futaba. My last Futaba radio was the 8UAF. I really loved that radio but wanted to try something different. I went to the 8103 and never looked back. I eventually got into 2.4 with the Spektrum Dx6i and liked it. I then had a small issue with the radio and then decided to look at other options. While in Toledo I spoke to Greg Popel and he gave me no BS straight forward answers to my questions and really cemented my decision to switch back to Futaba. I fortunatly came across a great deal on a Futaba 12fg. So after years of defending Spektrum / JR I am switching back to Futaba. Dont get me wrong, I still use my 8103 for 72mhz and LOVE IT. I sold my Dx6i and for anything that is BNF I will use my 8103 with the spektrum module. As for all my big planes and heli's they will now all be on the Futaba 2.4 system.