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Posted by Tweek | 03-06-2010 @ 09:20 AM | 4,563 Views
RDRC Spring Fly-in for All Types Aircraft
-All Birds Fly-In-
Youngsville, NC

CD: Larry Lewis
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (919) 231-4983

Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Landing Fee: $5.00

Event Description: 1- day event w/On-Site camping and local Hotels, food, prizes, and much more. Mark your calendars for this fun event in 2010!
Posted by Tweek | 12-14-2008 @ 06:10 PM | 4,568 Views
This is a call for help, if anyone can assist. This time of year, many folks think of Toys-For-Tots, Toy runs, fund raisers for children, help for underprivileged families, and other charities. We just learned of this situation over the last few days…

The Yarborough-O’Neal Home in Zebulon is an assisted living facility. It currently houses 39 elderly women & 18 elderly men. In many ways, these elderly people are just like children…unable to help themselves and have no one and/or no where to turn for assistance. The home gets almost all of their money in exchange for somewhere clean and warm to stay. Earlier in life, these people were professionals, farmers, veterans of foreign wars, have raised families, etc…these are people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, people are often put in (or end up in) homes and seemingly forgotten. Most all of them are cognizant of what is going on around them and very aware that they are left all alone during Christmas (and most other times). This is sad to see, and an all too common miserable existence. Many of these folks have little or no family, and lack even the very basic of items that we all take for granted in daily life…things like Anti-perspirant, handkerchiefs, socks, q-tips, soap, etc. These items are not furnished by the facility, and the individuals generally have so little money that they can’t help themselves with the basics.

Debbie’s father is in this home, we’re out there to visit almost every day, and try to help out where we can. We’ve repaired sunglasses, put batteries in clocks, labeled clothing, found lost items, talked to management about conditions, and even been called to cut a lock off of a cabinet where an elderly lady had accidentally locked her personal possessions in and then couldn’t find the key.

We were talking with the manager and learned, after a Christmas routine of many years, they won’t be able to prepare their annual Christmas dinner for these people this year. Due to budget cuts, personnel cutbacks, most of their suppliers’ donation budgets drying up, and a general lack of funding, they simply will not have the food for it. They usually get donations of a few extra hams and other items for this meal that these folks look forward to, but they have none this year.

Several of the folks at Scootworks are assembling packages and gifts for these people, and we plan to go and spend this coming Friday (12/19) afternoon (around 3pm) with them to celebrate Christmas and life as best as possible. The girls at the shop are preparing snacks and food for the folks at the home. We can’t do much, as 57 adults are a lot of people to provide for, and we’ve been hit as hard as everyone else in the current economy.

The items we’ve already bought for their gift bags are: nail files, tangerines, peppermint candy, butterscotch candy, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, some toothpaste, deodorant, bath powder, chapstick, and hand lotion.

What I’m asking for is this:
- If any of you know someone in the food industry or grocery store business that might be able to do something to help with their Christmas meal, it would be much appreciated. We’ve made calls to folks we know, but aren’t making progress with donations.
- The men can use simple things like personal hygiene items (soap, shaving lotion, aftershave, q-tips, toothpaste), socks, handkerchiefs, hair combs, more hand cream, nail clippers, etc. Other items are more expensive and up to those donating.
- The women can use simple things like personal hygiene items (soap, perfume, q-tips, toothpaste), hair brushes, nail files & clippers, hair spray, shower caps, cotton balls, hand lotion, etc. Other items are more expensive and up to those donating.

We’d really like to help these elderly people to have a good Christmas. We’re not looking to have them get new TVs and fancy presents, but rather help them have a good Christmas meal and know that the world hasn’t forgotten and passed them by. I understand that everyone is in a bad way this year. Like many of you, we’ve cut way back on Christmas spending, travel, and unnecessary expenses. If you can help ANY at all, or know anyone who can, please email me at wb4iuy @ eastrc . org or call my cell at 919-795-2074. I surely hope none of us ever end up in this situation, maybe we’ll be able to provide for ourselves and have someone who loves and cares for us enough to make our later days pleasant.
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<CENTER>RDRC Spring Fly-in
-All Birds Fly-In-</CENTER><CENTER>www.rd-rc.org</CENTER>
<CENTER>CD: Larry Lewis
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (919) 231-4983</CENTER>
<CENTER>Date: April 19, 2008
Landing Fee: $5.00</CENTER>
Event Description: 1- day event w/On-Site camping and local Hotels, food, and much more. Mark your calendars for this fun event in 2008!

Here's a list of some of the prizes for the event:

ERC 25% Yak-54
Extreme Flight Outlaw ARF
Phase-3 EF-16 Jet w/motor & ESC
Parkzone Micro-Citabria Park Flyer RTF
E-Flite Blade CX2 RTF
Hangar9 Metered Glow Driver
Mercury Adhesive Kit
Super Prop Reamers
HiTec Micro Flight Pack RX + 3ea HS-55
X-acto Knife Set
Futaba Fasst Koozie
Spektrum Knee Pad
DX6I Radio TX & 6200 Ful Range RX
Hobby-Lobby Yak Foamie
Hangar9 Z-Bend Pliers
Hangar9 Heat Gun
Hobbico Screw Driver Set
HigherPlane DVDs
Boxes of Rubber Bands
Lots of ERC Cleaner kits

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East R/C & Scootworks is planning an Open House, Street Party, and Ribbon Cutting for Saturday July 26th (rain date the following Saturday, August 2nd). This is to celebrate many things...

1- The New 3000 ft East R/C Showroom is finally under renovation, and we'll be in it by that time. It's a great opportunity for us to show off the new facility, and have a grand opening for the business. It has been operating in cramped quarters within Scootworks, and will finally be able to spread it's wings.

2- It has now been 10 years since the first Scootworks part was designed, manufactured, and marketed by us. We're now up to over 680 Scootworks components manufactured by us...it's been a long trip, and it's time to have a 10th Anniversary Party.

3- We're celebrating our newest acquisition and expansion of our CNC Machine Shop Operations. It may not sound like much, but our recent facility and equipment procurement now makes us the largest Independent Metric Motorcycle Company in the US. It obviously doesn't take much to earn that crown, but it's ours :-) . Like I said, it's been a long hard road, and we're ready to party!

Like before, we're going to close the street and bring in vendors from around the state, food (lots more of this!), music, a bike show, Tattoo Shop, Airbrush artists, photography studio, bike wash, burnout pit, and more. There will be demos of R/C Airplanes and Helicopters. Everything in the house will be marked down more than ever, and there will be tours of East R/C, our new paint shop, metal fabrications, service, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, and other facets of the company. There is also going to be a ribbon cutting for East R/C.

Help us spread the word... July 26th is the day, from 9am-4pm, the place for fun is East R/C & Scootworks in Zebulon. You can find directions to us from the LH menu item labeled [Retail Store & Events] at http://www.eastrc.org.

Hope to see y'all there!
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East R/C is growing by leaps and bounds...our new Zebulon store is packed so tight, one has to turn sideways to walk between the isles, hehehehe. More space is coming in the near future, though, so things can be more comfortable. We now stock aircraft from micro to giant scale...models like Extra 260, Extra 330L, and Yak are in stock in 25%, 30%, and 35% size! In house are 98 different aircraft models, and several pieces of most every model. LOTS of AIRPLANES!

Our helicopter lineup is growing. We decided to get a heli, then stock all of the parts for it. Once that models is completely supported, we move on and pick another. The way, what ever you buy to fly, we have the parts to repair and/or hop it up! we carry the famous V3-Lama Helicopter, Falcon 3-D, Belt-CP EP Heli, RCER DRAGONUS II N-Plus 3D Heli Kit (a true heli KIT), and the Venom Micro heli. T-Rex is coming next!

The shop is PACKED with hardware...over 15,000 packs of hardware alone. Building materials from balsa, carbon, ply, birch, nylon, and foam are here. Radio gear, flight packs, servos, replacement servo gear sets, batteries (NiCd, NiMH, NiMa, LiPo, etc) of all sizes from 100ma to 50005c1p, charges, balancers, etc, etc.

Supplies abound at East R/C. Landing gear, motor mounts, fuel tanks of all sizes, hinges, horns and bellcranks, field support equipment, tools, and more. LOADS of fuel in several percentages and styles, lubes like MC-1, Amsoil Sabre, and even Turbine oil are in stock!

The website is growing every day, in an effort to get all of our inventory listed online. We still have over 1000 items to add, and about 14 more aircraft to get online. The website shows ONLY our stock...not what we can get...it shows what you can order on the phone or internet and have shipped immediately! Check us our at www.eastrc.org and spend a bit of time browsing. We offer free shipping on items in the lower 48 states for orders over $100, full time telephone and online support, and a walk in store for the locals that is open mon-fri 9-5, tues & thurs nites until 9pm, and sat 9-4. Have a look at the website or stop by the store when you can!

Oh, check out the holiday specials page by clicking the banner on the front page of the site at www.eastrc.org .