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Hangzhou Tianyicheng Environment Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd
20 Years Professional Experience
TYIC is listed on the New Third Board, which is a national high-tech enterprise and Hangzhou Technology Center. The company specializes in non-ferrous metals (nickel, cobalt, copper, lithium, manganese, zinc, and other precious metals), rare earth, and other hydrometallurgical process design and equipment manufacturing, our main business scope includes PVC sheet, environmental protection equipment, extraction equipment, PPH tank, mixing equipment and others. Pvc Hard Board
Headquartered in Puyang Town Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China. The company has a production workshop of 20,000 square meters in Jiangxi province, which has 15 professional designers such as process engineers, mechanical structural engineers, electrical automation engineers, and 110 professional manufacturing installation employees. The company has strong design capability and actively develops innovative technology.
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I call this my pre-op/post-op/recovery plane.
It's served me well being a small, lightweight, simple electric I fiddled and flew during the time I was dealing with osteo/hip issues and hip replacement recovery.

It was perfect for keeping my flying chops up when I couldn't handle the big guy planes. I'm good now and can leap tall buildings, but this plane has definitely filled a void and is an absolute blast to take out on a moment's notice.
It will do anything in the book!!

I've since added the side-force-generators on the wing tips and they truly enhanced performance even more.

Pictured with the 52Extra is an older EF 300E 58" I acquired and have since passed that one on to a friend to enjoy.
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Acquired this beautiful ship a few years back, and gave it some love and attention, of which it didn't need much, but I graced it with new batteries, fuel tank/ plumbing, and much needed wire/equipment management, and a good detailing... etc.

It was already a contest proven, award winning airplane in the Unlimited IMAC class, so I didn't want to alter it much at all.

DA170 w/tuned pipes. SmartFly EQ6-Turbo power board, etc..

Monster power from this DA 170 twin.
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Picked up this little guy for a song, incomplete and nearly unstarted.. I more like rescued it from the trash can. Whomever worked on it prior had a rough start, but I was able to pull it out from the ruins. Still haven't flown it, but plan to in very near future. I call it the nicest $100 ARF I've ever bought.

BME 102, Spektrum stuff, etc.. should be a great flyer, and the engine is strong! Looking forward to this one, and getting a direct comparison to my Extra 330L. Most things considered it's set up with nearly identical equipment, so it will be a great comparison in airframes.
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Great Planes 33% Extra 330L. Gifted to me in 2017 incomplete and unfinished. I actually have the same kit NIB, so it was easy to glean information, as well as I've studied this particular plane for years.

BME 102 twin cylinder. Spektrum electronics, and other fancy stuff. Another great flyer, and perfect for Basic/Sportsman IMAC, but definitely for the more experienced pilots.
It does have its traits I identified early on.
Very nice plane though once we got to know each other.
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Midwest 27% Extra 300S. I built in 2001.

BME 50, and other stuff. All electronics were updated in 2016. Great flyer I hope to have many more years.
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Happy New Year!!

Does anyone out there have a Heli Muffler for a Zenoah 23 - 26 engine they want to part with? I'm restoring an old X Cell Gasser helicopter. I've collected or made all that I need except for a good muffler. The stock one is ugly, heavy, and a bit restrictive. I can be reached at [email protected].

Stan J.
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I will not be posting to forums on this. This blog will be my official build log.
It took some convincing from the wife to continue this after a number of trolling posts from very closed minded know it all on this forum.
I no longer care.
I will have a Zenoah G 62 spinning a 23.5 inch Vario Prop. After discussion with Christian Ramoser, directly, to get some clarification on max rpm for the prop, it is 6300 rpm UNLOADED, meaning, in flight. This actually makes the goal easier to attain. Props unload anywhere from 500 rpm to 1200 rpm in flight.
But, It will ground run one time in an attempt to get 6300 on the ground just to stick it right up the noses of the trolls in this forum.

I will, first, say that the engine I was told I bought is not what it was advertised. It is a Zenoah, but is not the later Zg62 as I was told. That's ok. Just means a little extra cost to get it there,. To that end, CH Ignition has been tasked with providing a complete CDI conversion for the engine. It includes a new flywheel, bracket, hall sensor, magnet, and ignition module. That arrives Monday.
Yesterday, another big step to the modification arrived. A Stinsel Reed valve conversion kit for the Zenoah G62. See pictures. It 1. Converts the engine to reed valve induction, requiring a reed valve port job to the cylinder intake port (Performance Unlimited will be doing that) and 2. allows clocking of the carb to get a straight shot to the throttle and choke linkage.
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Been flying and building R/C aircraft for fourty years, but now I can't see well enough to continue. So I have all of these planes for sale. They all have their own stories. Some are young (USAAF Zero) and some are oldies but goodies (P-47 and F4U). Another is a scratch built "one of a kind" original flown only for show (Peashooter).
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Looking for a Spektrum AR 9210 or something equivalent
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We are committed to make and provide higher quality and performance products for AGFRC fans. Took a few months for testing again and again, our superior brushless smart servo SA81FHMW finally came out.

Fully upgrade and brand new design for these superior brushless servo. Simple but noble design with four ball bearings, enhance servo structure with new PCB board and super strong 4-poles brushless motor. Magnetic waterproof feature which allow to be used in humid environment or rainy day. Monster torque 74KG 0.125Sec @ 8.4V with 38mm height, which can meet the need for high torque but limit installation space.

In addition, it also continue the programmable feature, allow to adjust the parameter by AGFRC USB Programmer for different application. Of course, the popular and unique Two in One feature comes with these new servos --- Smart Servo. Enable to change the firmware for Regular Servo Mode and Servo Winch Mode. If you have one AGFRC smart servo and one AGFRC USB programmer in hand, then you can use it as two different application--- Steering/Throttle or Winch.

Conclude the above feature for quick review,
* Brand new design and upgrade structure
* Super strong 4-poles brushless motor
* 2s Lipo High Voltage Compatible
* Smoother and reliable four ball bearings
* Magnetic waterproof for humid or rainy situation
* Monster torque and performance
* Smart function feature -Available to change the firmware for different usage

Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4 V
Operating speed: 0.165sec/60@ 6.0V
Operating speed: 0.135sec/60@ 7.4V
Operating speed: 0.125sec/60@ 8.4V
Stall Torque: 55 kg-cm (764 oz-in) @ 6.0V
Stall Torque: 65 kg-cm (903 oz-in) @ 7.4V
Stall Torque: 74 kg-cm (1028 oz-in) @ 8.4V
Gear: Steel
Motor: BLS
Size: 40*20*38mm (1.57 x 0.78 x 1.49 in)
Weight: 85g
Connector Wire: TYU 300 mm

More details, please go through https://www.agfrc.com/index.php?id=p...Superior_Servo, you wont miss these superior servo.

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The newest member of the rc plane manufacturer FMS multi-purpose aircraft lineup, the 1220mm Ranger retains all the outstanding features that pilots expect from FMS-stable flight characteristics, easy-to-assemble fuselage and realistic, general aviation-inspired design.

Made of ultra-light EPO foam, the large high-wing fuselage configuration provides Ranger with low wing loads and extraordinary lift, even at low speeds. The sturdy plastic struts provide extra strength for the wings during aerobatics, and the patented high-strength tricycle landing gear makes ground handling a breeze.

An excellent wholesale model planes is inseparable from an excellent and reliable power system-FMS equipped the Ranger with a 3136/1200KV external rotor motor and a 20A Predator ESC, which allows the Ranger to climb vertically almost as needed!

In the box, the Ranger is equipped with two sets of landing gear-a high-strength metal landing gear for ground operations and a pair of floats with integrated rudders for water operations.

The ranger is designed with a high-visibility color scheme of yellow and white, which can always be easily positioned even in gloomy and cloudy weather.

Like Super-EZ and Kingfisher, Ranger is designed with ease of assembly in mind. Only 6 (wheeled landing gear) or 10 (floating) screws are required to fully assemble, and the longest waiting time is the time required to charge the battery!

Ranger is also the first FMS aircraft equipped with Reflex (Airborne Flight Stability System). After 2 years of production and hundreds of test flights under all conditions, the Reflex system has stable (accelerometer and gyroscope), optimized (gyro only) and manual (off) flight modes-a trusted co-pilot, very suitable Pilots of any skill level.

Don't miss one of the most revolutionary FMS aircraft, the Amphibious Ranger!
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Hi Guys
We have a New Item, RC Wing Tip Protectors for your Aircraft. These are designed and are made for the RC Aircraft Wing Tips. At the Flying fields, we have seen the winds pick up and toss an Aircraft or just pick up one side and scrape the tips of the Aircraft damaging the coating on the plane so we are making RC wing tip covers to combat this problem. This was a request from some Pilots that fly Jet Aircraft and have spent thousands of dollars on their aircraft and wanted something to protect the wingtips on the field when they were on the ground. In turn, we thought it would be a nice idea to provide them to any and all Pilots that would want to protect their wingtips. It's some added protection and security for your wings.

They are made with some of the same durable materials as our wing bags and will also have foam and valor interior that you can slide right on the wingtips and protect them from unforeseen harm when the wind picks up. A reasonable product and piece of mind from your wings getting damaged when on the field or working on them in the hanger when they get pumped into. Price will vary on the type and size of the RC Wingtip Cover, Jets, Mono, Biplanes, Single Wing, or Double Wings, we will help you out. You just slide these over the tip of the wing to protect the wingtips and it also is added protection when you put them in your wing bags.
Name: Jet Wing Tip Protectors.jpeg
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RC Wing Tip Protectors
Ace Customs
American Made Products
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Hi Everyone
I know for some of you the cooler weather is around the corner. You may be needing one of these. This is our Larger Transmitter Glove. This Glove is made to put your Transmitter with a Tablet or Phone inside and Keeps your hands out of the cold for an extended period of time. Can be used with warm heaters for those days where it really gets cold for work or for play. The Commercial industries and Bloggers, along with Government agencies, Military, Police, and Fire Departments like to use these. A really great way to keep your hands and transmitter out of the cold weather giving you longer operating time and more fun all year long. A great option for any Industry.
Name: DJI Transmitter Glove Dji Crystal Display 1.jpg
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RC Transmitter Glove
Ace Customs
American Made Products
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