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Wamsy's 3D Tutorials: The Snake (2 min 41 sec)

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I hope these help some people. More on the way.

Wamsy's 3D Tutorials: Basic Turnarounds (3 min 3 sec)

Becoming A Better Pilot: Flying Smooth (9 min 41 sec)

3D Tutorial: Blenders (3 min 33 sec)

Turn the volume down for this one!
3D Tutorial: Weeble Wobble (3 min 5 sec)

Pop-Tops with Slow-Motion (2 min 22 sec)

Rollling Harrier Uplines/Downlines with Rolling Loops, Left and Right (3 min 42 sec)

Rifle Rolling Harriers with Slow Mo (1 min 47 sec)

More to come!
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Here we go again ...

89 Slick_9-25-11.m4v (8 min 54 sec)

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A friend of mine had some small keychain cameras for AV, so we put them on my 89" for a wild ride !

Enjoy ...

James Winstead Extreme 3D Slick 89" Gas (11 min 40 sec)

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Well ....

THE Ohio Huckfest was absolutely awesome! I had a good time, and I got to meet and fly with a lot of amazing pilots. It was a really well run event, SleepyC really knew what he was doing. The local club members were all really nice guys and they had awesome food.

The King 50 was a blast, and it was my first competition. It was definitely a learning experience. I had only 20 flights on my new 89" Slick when I arrived, and had only practiced my routine about 10-15 times so I wasn't sure what to expect. It went much better than I expected and I managed to take 6th place! Thats great considering my only goal was to not come it last.

Nightflying was about as good as it gets, I always fly under the lights when I get the chance. I won the "Most Insane 3D Flight" award, which is now hanging proudly in my room. That was a surprise.

I have to thank Joe Smith and RJ Gritter, both helped me out when my muffler broke in-flight between qualifying and the finals. All the King 50 pilots did an awesome job and really put on a great show!

I will be back next year for sure.

My flight:
2011 King 50 finals - James Winstead.avi (3 min 52 sec)