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Posted by 4realzzz | 12-02-2018 @ 01:37 AM | 3,870 Views
Ok, I am the proud owner of a "Herbrandson 290". It was left to me by my brother anyways I have it listed for sale but I want to get it mounted and set up , I need some advice on doing this.

i do not know what I have, therefore i do not know how to use it. what i am saying is that the ignition system for this engine has no writing stamp, sticker, label. nothing that i can research so I cannot educate myself on how to use it.

If I could talk with someone who has worked on or raced with a
Herbrandson it would make this learning experience so much more.

I know that I have everything I need to make it run I just don't know how to go about setting it up, if I could afford to I would buy a new ignition system, I want to learn how to set it up with the original system.

Since it was made for the military there is manual that I have been able to locate and don't know what's up with "Herbrandson " as far as I can tell they not making engines anymore.

It's a twin op engine and I know that setting up timing is where I lack know how. I have a 66cc strapped to my mountain bike, I am an electrician and can rebuild 327 small block, have a garage and all the tools and equipment I need, what i don't have is the knowledge of someone who has worked on one of these engines , i don't fly or build rc planes so i dont know anyone who does.

I sure could use bob hoover right now, he could talk me thru this, We'll I hope that if this makes any sense to you that you might help me or put me in touch with someone you know that can.

This is my first blog ever, wait and see where this goes...