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Posted by supatimhanstine | 01-03-2015 @ 10:12 PM | 18,053 Views
Sunset comes around 4:30 here in the Pacific NW lately and with that said, I've decided I want my flying time back after work! Only way that was going to happen was with the best lights on the market, thanks Aurora RC! I've been using them on 50-100cc planes for the last 3 years and couldn't be more pleased with their results!!

Just a quick video of the first flight on the 3DHS 108" Extra with lights from Aurora RC on New Year's Eve 2014!

Temps were low 30's and the plane, camera, and crew were all iced over before we even started...

Taking back the night with the 3DHS 108" Extra and Aurora RC Lights! (4 min 17 sec)