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Posted by Shark_330 | 01-25-2012 @ 10:26 PM | 11,311 Views
I had a small weather window of opportunity today to finally maiden my Aeroworks 100cc Carbon Cub. It was 58 degrees with a rather strong wind out of the SW (cross to my runway). I decided to get the monster out of the trailer and give it a go anyway. "It's always windy to the airplane, right"? This airplane is very large and care must be taken when assembling and disassembling if you are expirencing rather strong winds. I think you could wind surf just holding one wing panel as it is the size of a surfboard. Luckily, I had numerous helpers to "marshall" my airplane so the wind didn't do any nasty things to it while I assembled.

Went through final checks on all fastners, ranged checked, fueled her up and gave it a go. By the time it took me to advance the throttle from idle to 1/4 it was already off the ground climbing nicely. I have a DA120 on cans in the beast so 1/4 throttle was fine for the entire maiden. Nothing spectacular today but nice coordinated race track circles. Gave it a click of down elevator (not sure if it needed it but it has such high lift it helped keep it from climbing). Will give another go for sure, hopefully it won't be so windy. It's a big pussy cat of an airplane though. Flies itself practically. This will be my "breaktime" airplane from aerobatic sorties with my other gassers. Landing was almost a chore due to the high wind as it just didn't want to quit flying. Uneventfully, she touched down almost 90 degrees cross to the runway. Yeah, it was windy. Didn't want to risk a side load on this first flight.

I am very pleased with this airplane! Unmatched Aeroworks quality, looks, and bang for your buck as we've all come to enjoy with an AW product. Highly recommend this airplane if you want to just enjoy the beauty of flight. Very scale and good looking. It is very big however so bear that in mind if you decide to purchase. Your shop gets very small along with your trailer. I had to have a custom window put in my shop to make it easier to get it in and out of the shop.


Wing span 168 inches.
Wing Area 3864 sq.in.
Fuse Length 104" (Rudder to Front of Cowl)
Fuse Length 110" (Rudder to Front of Spinner)
Weight 38 to 40 lbs
Cowl Width 13.5"
Rudder Height with Tail Wheel 24.75"
Engine 100cc to 120cc Gas
Spinner Size 4.5

I used:
Desert Aircraft DA120
MTW cans w/flex headers (extended)
JR 8711's all the way around
JR 8231 on throttle
Duralite Powerbox SC-12
Duralite 4000mah x2
Duralite 2000mah ignition
Smart-Fly Optic kill and Regulator
Mejzlik 28x12
AW Carbon Spinner

AUW is 39.0lbs