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Posted by k8svrick | 04-06-2008 @ 06:04 AM | 3,001 Views
I managed to make it to the big show Friday and part of Saturday. Friday was definitely the day to go if you wanted to be able to see stuff. Saturday was a freaking zoo. I was among the first to get in at 0900 and by 1030, the place was jammed - big time. By noon, I'd had enough; time to head back home to Columbus.

This is a great show. I think Weak Signals could use a bigger venue. I was told that perhaps the new sports arena being built accross the street might be considered an annex. That's pure speculation at this point.

Anyone hearing anything?
Posted by k8svrick | 03-14-2008 @ 07:45 PM | 2,913 Views
Greetings to all fellow FG members. This is my first post on my Blog. It will supplement my website - URL below.

There is a lot of activity on the FG site; a very interesting place I really enjoy reading the forums and poking around the site evenings after work.

The website has been updated effective 3/7/2008. Most activity is focused on the Extreme Flight RC 88" Yak I bought back in November.

There has been an increase in traffic on the site and I've been getting some good feedback from visitors. Thanks very much to those who have dropped me emails and signed the guest book.

You can access the Yak build log at www.ricktressler.com/id16.html.

I retired the old Sony Cybershot 3.1 mp camera and, after 6 years of use, replaced it with a new Sony Cybershot 8.1 mp unit; the DSC-H3. Check it out. As this is written, the battery is charging. It should top the old one well with a minimum focus distance of 3.5", I should be able to get some nice close-ups of the construction project. That was the achilles heel of the old camera. Stay tuned.