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Big R/C airplane fail (0 min 11 sec)

Posted by Eric D | 01-14-2017 @ 01:16 PM | 11,358 Views
While I'm waiting on the new Hangar 9 Ultra Stick to release, I decided to go ahead and gather a few things to make the wait a little more bearable.

First, pre-order the plane... $299

Motor... I had already ordered a DLE 35RA before the plane was announced. Tower had it on sale, $30 off and a club savings of $45...$275

Servo's... Been wanting to try the Tactic X57's for a while now, I've had good luck with Tactic's standard servos and they seem to have some nice specs for the price http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...&I=LXDKEP&P=SM ordered 6 (still haven't decided how I want to setup the rudder so I'll wait on that....$170

Now for a little bling... Because I hate using Phillips head screws (and like the way they look) I ordered these http://www.espritmodel.com/servo-hor...set-m3-10.aspx Tried to find the green ones elsewhere (because ...) but they did ship same day. $9

Spinner...Looking over the manual, it looks like the ARF doesn't include a spinner. I'm not a fan of the chrome/aluminum or bland/black CF spinners I set out to find something different that'll fit the Stick. Found one I think will fit the bill at SDS Hobbyhttp://sdshobbyusa.net/index.php?mai...oducts_id=3572 I've never ordered from SDS, but the spinner shipped same day (Monday) and tracking shows it on it's way from Florida. USPS really stinks in my town so they're holding the order up (supposed to have arrived 2 days ago) but not really shippers fault....$30

Loom... http://www.ebay.com/itm/141743771843...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT $7

Cheap wing bags, I can't see spending $50-$75 on wing bags when these do the trick http://www.ebay.com/itm/161885190951...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I got the 50 cc bags because I wasn't sure if the 81" wings would fit in the 30 cc bags. They're straight ghetto,but work $27

Prop http://www.redwingrc.com/Painted-Red...White-and-Red/ I'm thinking the white prop with the green spinner will look good on the nose. I use a larger black/red prop on another plane and really like the way it pulls. 20x6 wasn't in stock so I went with a 19" $20

Servo arms https://www.redwingrc.com/Spot-On-1.75-Servo-Arm/ I used the Spot-on's on another build and really like them (make sure they're v'2, the v1's had issues) The color shouldn't really matter because the Stick has hidden hatches. I went with 1.75 because they have 3 holes (1.75, 1.5 and 1.25) and I can dial the travel down if necessary 6 for $70

OK, that's what I have coming so far, now for the things I'm looking at.ordering in the next month or 2.

Switch... I was looking at getting this from Booma http://www.boomarc.com/en/wallaby-sw...age-monitoring I use one now on another plane and really like it. Looking over the site though, I don't see an option to choose your own connector (like you used to be able to). Booma's supposed to be opening a place in the states soon, so I'll wait and see on a switch. I might move up to the Intelliswitch.or see what they have at Joe Noll.

Now things get complicated... Having just upgraded from a DX7 to a DX8, I'm definitely not wanting to have to upgrade again but I do want to make full use of the Ultra's quad flap/aileron and crow set-up. I need to figure out,, either through hardware or clever programming, a way to control the all the control surfaces and still have an ignition kill. I was also thinking of running an Aura 8 but if it eats another channel, I'll skip the gyro.

For receivers, I've been all over the place. Initially I was going to go with an AR7700 hooked to the Aura 8 through an SRXL cable with a RCCSKJ powerboard handling the electrical power but I'm limited by the 8 channels again. I was looking at the new powersafe receivers http://www.horizonhobby.com/product/...er-spmar12300t
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Hi Guys ! have you fly today ? Any body who has servo better than this model ? XQ-S4025D ,
Speed:0.16sec/60 at (6V)
0.18sec/60 at (4.8V)
Torque347.2 oz-in)25kg.cm.at(6V)
(291.7 oz-in)21kg.cm.at(4.8V)

I saw at XQ-power website , for 600 helicopter , any one who want share your idea?
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starting to vlog more here is a my #002 vlog with some mxs-c snow fails
Twisted Hobbys 32"MXS-C snow flying fail VLOG#002 (8 min 11 sec)

Posted by Ethan Ater | 01-06-2017 @ 11:18 PM | 11,752 Views
Well it was the first snow of 2017 here in Kentucky. I decided to take that opportunity to make a new video with the TwistedHobbys mustang! This thing is a blast for flying around in a local park or field. Thank you TwistedHobbys for the support and thanks to the Lord for His blessings!

plane and power combo available at TwistedHobbys.com

Enjoy the video!

TwistedHobbys/RCfactory Mustang Racer: Fun in the snow (3 min 8 sec)

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Just out of interest, I want to create this poll, and the question is,

what radio system do you plan to use during 2017???

This is purely to get an idea of what people are using out there.

Some rules:

1. Please only answer if you live and fly in the continental USA. I am trying to get an idea of what radio is used most in our country.

2. Please do not make any comments or statements that are controversial, provoke controversy, or start a brand war. Any such comments will be deleted. Sorry, in advance.

3. Please answer the poll, but keep comments to minimum if none at all.

4. If your radio system is not listed, please do leave a comment as the name of your transmitter.

Thank you and Happy New Year...
Posted by Philip Jr | 12-30-2016 @ 04:24 AM | 9,927 Views
Hi ,Guys ! , I really became a fan of XQ-power servos , I have to say ,
So many servos that really amazing .
lOOK , I bought a servo 5650D recently , for car 1/5 !
Speed:0.20 sec/60 at (9.6V)
0.18 sec/60 at (12.0V)
Torque667 oz-in)48kg.cm.at(9.6V)
(833 oz-in)60 kg.cm.at(12.0V)
You take a look , that's owesome!
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The KC-390 is a giant super-scale aircraft.
Wingspan. - WS: 339 cm (133.8 ")
Length. - Lenght: 332 cm (131 ")
Approximate weight 18kg (39lb) to 22kg (48lb)

Uses two P-100 turbines
Retractable mechanical landing gear
"T" Tail detachable for transport
Removable wing into two halves
Measurements of the cargo bay: 143.8 cm x 22.3 cm x 29.7 cm (a part of the space is used by the fuel tank)
Cargo compartment covers are opened equal to the actual airplane, via radio
Landing gear caps are similar to the real airplane and open just like the real one.

CB Ebersol (click here)

Posted by Motorheadmike | 12-21-2016 @ 11:30 PM | 10,560 Views
Hi you all, just having signed up for flying giants. I have been flying for 8 years now currently 16 and have mostly worked with electrics anywhere from smackdown 3D to scratchbuilt pylon racers, basically slowly building up in complexity and size. Being not a noob to electronics, I still have some issues.

Now I currently own a 89in. 50cc extra 300, it being my first gas airplane won't win any beauty contest but is my first large scale rc over 60 size planes. I've worked out most of the kinks of interference that the CDI puts off and various things, but now have encountered a more interesting problem; Brownouts (I presume). I have 6 HS hites 5645 digital servos in the plane that are obviously pulling quite a bit of power. I have a battery being regulated into a castle creation 10amp BEC that powers the radio setup on the plane. Also a turnigy capacitor set that is supposed to prevent brownouts plugged into the receiver. When I power up the system and I move the surfaces back and forth they randomly stop and resume again after a couple seconds. Having no servo distribution board, would it be worth it to put one in to solve the brownout issue? My dad being a avionics technician and having worked with models for 40+ years suggested taking two of our castle BEC's and running them in parallel to double the amperage for the hungry servo's which would avoid a expensive servo distribution board. What do you think? If I were to get a servo distribution board, where would I even get one that could support a minimum of 20 amps?
Posted by scottyb313 | 12-19-2016 @ 10:42 PM | 13,778 Views
Here is another quick tip on sealing hinge gaps.

RCTEK Episode #2 (Sealing Hinge Gaps) (10 min 28 sec)

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Just woke up, tired.
Posted by Old cub | 12-13-2016 @ 09:43 PM | 10,738 Views
1/4 Scale cub Project
Posted by Xpress.. | 12-13-2016 @ 03:57 PM | 15,003 Views
Well we are down to the last couple of weeks for 2016 and let me say, it's been one hell of a roller coaster (at least for me anyways). My time with Hitec has graced me with so many opportunities this year in the hobby and has taken me places I have only dreamed of going to. I've made lots of new friends, grown closer to the ones I've had, and overall had copious amounts of fun along the way.

It kicked off with a bang, AMA Expo 2017. I had one week to prep a number of airplanes for display at the show both at work and in my own time off, including assembling 2 brand new airplanes for demo inside of the flight demonstration area.

It would be the first time I've ever had to work a show and was going to be there Wednesday through Sunday. Most of my time was spent talking with people- from vendors, to customers, to old friends and new, the whole event felt like it whizzed on by in a blur. I did fly a couple of demo flights with the ParkMaster Pro I had built the week prior with the maiden happening indoors. Didn't really have time to set the airplane up properly before the event so it flew a little odd, but we still had fun with it.

Even though Sunday came quickly, it couldn't come quick enough as I just wanted to get home and get away from everything for a bit. Back to work on Monday

As January came to a close, the first giant scale event of the year took place and me and my flying buddies were all back at it with instigating on the deck shenanigans. Joe Hunt was nice enough to put the event together and I found myself and my girlfriend staying up there Friday and Saturday night and heading home Sunday- originally our plan was to head up Friday night and head home Saturday night but we had so much fun Saturday that we decided to stay a little longer

About as low as you can go before your airplane gets lighter!!!!

Posted by scottyb313 | 12-12-2016 @ 11:21 AM | 11,872 Views
Check out a new line of RCTEK videos coming out from aj aircraft. This will be an ongoing series of RC Tek tips and quick instructional videos. with varying topics from Covering to building, set ups both 3d, IMAC, radio setups, And much more. Stay tuned!!! subscribe to see whats next!!

RCTEK episode #1 (Power box ignition switch) (8 min 47 sec)
(8 min 47 sec)
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Anyone have any advice, any words of wisdom, any suggestions, as to how we can increase numbers?

My club, when I joined, had over 120 members. Now, our club has under 60.

In the past 3 to 4 years, a surrounding neighbor of ours, sold dirt from around our flying field, so that the Interstate 49 extension could be built. Meaning, they took dirt from his property, and used it for the construction of the highway. As a result of this, the area near to our property, is now a huge hazzard! mainly, water!

I have attached some photographs I took, one day, having fun, installing a camera to my 91" Extreme Flight YAK. Fun day that was!

Well, last night, we were at our club's Christmas party, and talking to the members, we discussed this, and I was trying to figure out, what is happening to our hobby. One of the members, who is a retired colonel, and has been flying RC for over 50 years, says, in general, the hobby is gone. People do not build, and do not spend that time talking about building, flying, repairing, as they used to in the past.

I mentioned to them, and I do not know if this is valid at all, that in 2015, the sales of drones exceeded 1 million. Thinking, this is one way for anyone to enjoy RC stuff, without dealing with airplanes, and the amount of time required in our hobby to get one in the air, and the amount of skill required to land one (we all take this for granted), however, as compared to a drone, they are cheap, and anyone can fly one, and you hit a switch, and it lands on its own (some of them).

Well, one of my friends mentioned, how ARF's has made it so much easier for people to fly, and although those pilots do not spend the time to build them, maybe, it is easy to get in to the hobby as it is to get out of it, if anything happens to their ARF.

Well, what are your thoughts?
Posted by Iflyalot | 12-10-2016 @ 03:18 PM | 8,971 Views
Is there a difference between the RCEXL #3 and the RCGF ignition units? In other words, will one replace the other?
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Hello everyone,

My name is Dane Edwards. Some of you may know who I am. I've been flying with my father Drake since I was 8 years old back in the early 90s in North Carolina. We used to fly a Bud Nosen P-51 with a 3 Cylinder Inline triple on it for a number of years. For the past 2 years, I've been doing a model airplane reality show called "Redneck Planes" that takes place in various locations around the East Coast. I've been at Joe Nall the past 2 years and I have also been at many other events. Please check out my latest episode in the series that takes place in Fayetteville North Carolina. Feel free to leave comments and subscribe to me on youtube. Thank you.


"Redneck Planes" Season 4 Episode 5 Fayetteville Warbird Event 2016 (42 min 41 sec)

You can subscribe here:


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Charles Bombardier's concept...