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Posted by Scottsrn | 02-15-2018 @ 04:56 PM | 4,951 Views
This a thread I'm starting about wheel pants. I'm starting this thread to hear a few other opinions about having or not having wheel pants on your rc plane. It seem there will always be a few people who will tell you that they nothing but a pain. I have had a few planes myself that gave me trouble at some point with them, other than that it seem a lot of planes look better if you can keep them on.
Posted by Scottsrn | 01-17-2018 @ 08:00 PM | 6,771 Views
Pictures of my planes
Posted by Scottsrn | 03-29-2016 @ 09:36 PM | 17,897 Views
Ways of getting better at 3d with 3d planes when it always seem windy.
This is the most windy time of year.
Posted by Scottsrn | 10-19-2015 @ 11:25 PM | 13,159 Views
Really this is from my copy of FSX on my computer.
Posted by Scottsrn | 09-21-2015 @ 11:03 PM | 11,082 Views
Would anyone know any ways to keep from having planes problems. For one thing if I chush and I seen that my elevator pushrod is no longer on the plane when I walk over to get it. Sometimes I can't tell weather the pushrod came off cause of the hard hit into the ground or if the plane went down cause it came off while still in the air. Another time that I went down was either cause a not soo good receiver, ESC or a servo. I can't say why sometimes things happen so fast it hard to really tell what just really happen. None of this should be cause I'm flying over my skill lever of doing stuff too close to the ground. I might not be good enough to do all the I-mac or 3d flying stuff but I am good enough to hover do rolling cycles or knife edge passes and cycles.
Posted by Scottsrn | 07-08-2015 @ 07:12 PM | 10,107 Views
A few day ago I made winglets for my E-flite CZ yak-54, the red and blue cz yak. I though they will work good for Knife Edge flying. Today just a couple days leter with them now on my CZ yak I leave to go work on my I-mac. The wind was out. As soon as I was done doing my basic I'mac with my PZ T-28 gray one I decided to now do it with my CZ yak. Only one thing those. I think after I glued the winglets on it just made it easier for the wind to push my e-flite cz yak plane around. I will give it another go tomorrow and see how it goes. Hopfuly I can do the first I-mac move without getting push around too much. Any ideas of what I could try doing now?
Posted by Scottsrn | 06-21-2015 @ 09:55 PM | 8,965 Views
Can anyone tell me how to put a ad on this Flying Giants site and post a picture for my ad too?
Posted by Scottsrn | 04-25-2015 @ 06:05 PM | 10,768 Views
I was wondering would anyone know if it would be a bad idea to put a 3600 mah 4 cell lipo into my CZ yak. I'm doing a 3300 mah rightnow. The 3600 is no longer or wider just a little taller than my 3600 mah lipo, but it is 20% heaver than my 3300 mah lipos. It also a 40 c while my 3300 mah is just a 30 c lipo.
Posted by Scottsrn | 03-19-2015 @ 04:32 PM | 13,302 Views
Think this the order of how I like learning to fly aerobatices.
Rolls slow rolls points rolls snap rolls, snap rolls are the ones that I could do a little better at my snaps with my CZ Yak Knife edge. I'm good at these. I can do them right to left and left to right
and with the bottom of the plane facing me. It just seem a little harder to do knife edge turn arounds and knife edge cycles rightnow. Those still scare me just a touch.
Rolling circles. I do theses good
Spins I should work on them from upside down my rightside up ones are find
Loop all other basic i mac aerobatices I have down.
Hover still a little hard to sometimes but I can hover.
Harrier up right and inverded
Rolling harrier I do theses a little better and easier with my profile.
Thorue rolls I'm learning this one on the sim rightnow. Then I will start doing it with my profile 3d plane before I try doing this with anything more than a profile plane.
blender I been doing theses with my PZ T-28 and my profile 3d.
The rolling loop. Bet this be the last thing I ever learn cause of how hard it is to really make look nice and not chush.
Is there any other way I should learn all these things or order to learn everything in.
Posted by Scottsrn | 03-05-2015 @ 02:35 AM | 12,789 Views
What 3d move would be better to learn first? Torque roll or the rolling harrier.
Posted by Scottsrn | 02-20-2015 @ 02:29 AM | 9,183 Views
How can u know when it the right time to move up to a cp helicopter? Rightnow I'm flying a fix pitch helicopter that I been flying for about a month witch is a blade 120sr. Is it true that just casuse u can fly a cp helicopter on a rc flight sim and do 3d don mean that u could do the same thing with a real cp rc helicopter? I know from flying rc planes that it harder to do things with them when u flying the real thing instead of the flight sim even if u are not scare of chushing into the ground.
Posted by Scottsrn | 02-19-2015 @ 09:17 PM | 8,798 Views
Here a few pictures of my planes.
Posted by Scottsrn | 10-01-2014 @ 10:17 PM | 12,082 Views
Would anyone have a better way of building up your 3D and aerobatice skills.
I have a 3d profile plane and a E-flite CZ Yak 54.
One thing I like working on is slow rolls cause it seems the better you can do slow rolls the better you be able to do things like Knife Edge, Point rolls, and rolling cycles.
One thing I would like to learn to do is to do inside rolling cycles going clockwise around the cycle but those kind of rolling cycles seem so much harder than doing inside rolling cycles going counter clockwise around the cycle. Is motor trok the main reason why it much harder to do inside rolling cycles going clockwise around the cycle? I think maybe it harder cause I'm not use to doing slows rolls to the right too when I'm flying right to left.